God gave us His wisdom through Jesus Christ

But there is wisdom of another type and source. This other wisdom is man made. The Bible calls this wisdom human wisdom. 

Human wisdom in parts tries to copy the wisdom of Jesus Christ. Human wisdom is a counterfeit wisdom. 

Satan in his guile uses human wisdom to lead people away from God.

I have a painting on the wall at my home a painting depicting a woman sitting on a dragon. This woman and dragon are above a river. The waters of the river symbolise the people of the world. The people of the nations are deceived by this woman and dragon.

Man made wisdom has its roots in Greek philosophy {meaning love of wisdom}.

Socrates: Greek philosopher {469 BC – 399 BC}. He is one of the founders of western philosophy.

Plato: Greek philosopher {428 BC – 348 BC}. Plato helped lay the foundations of western philosophy and science.

Aristotle: Greek philosopher {348 BC – 322 BC}. Aristotle’s writings were the first to create a comprehensive system of Western philosophy, encompassing morality and logic and science, politics and metaphysics.  

We have three Greek philosophers who more or less laid the foundation of man made wisdom. This inception of wisdom has garnished thought and has developed into the human wisdom of today. The tree of wisdom we might say.

God says [the Bible says] that He gave us His wisdom through Jesus Christ and through no other person. This means that the church is the pillar in this world holding up the headship of the wisdom of Christ.

The Greek philosophers of old brought their wisdom in to this world before Jesus came along.

One of the best known sayings of Socrates is “I only know that I know nothing”.

Socrates and his cohorts seem to be very intelligent persons. Their wisdom came about not too long before Jesus came in to this world. People might say that the Greek philosopher’s wisdom has precedent over the wisdom of Jesus because they were first in to preaching wisdom. So before Jesus came along we had persons who were of deep thinking and had an idea of the perils of entertaining the flesh and its desires. People of today and earlier might say that Jesus’ wisdom is copying in parts the wisdom of the Greeks.

Jesus has a wedding feast. Many are invited. Eventually Jesus turns up at the wedding. He sees some people not in wedding clothes. Jesus orders his servants to cast these imposters outside.

The early Greek philosophers; were they imposters and were they cast in to hell. Such imposters coming not long before Jesus came along. Was Satan up to his old tricks? The world is deceived; their minds are veiled. Jesus lifts the veil from people’s minds if you believe. We must believe that all wisdom of God comes only through Jesus Christ. Believe that and the veil will lift.

God knows all. The early Greek philosophers built the ground work for human understanding. “Man” then went on to build glorified edifices’ edifices’ of knowledge. Man wants knowledge of this world and the universe. Why is “man” so keen to know God’s knowledge? “Man” seems to want to know as God knows.

Jesus while on this earth taught people. Jesus did not teach the science that is taught in schools / colleges / universities. Jesus did not teach social or physical science. Did Jesus teach his disciples about the atom? Did Jesus teach about the other planets and suns in the universe? Did Jesus teach mathematics? Did Jesus teach biology and chemistry?

Hey Jesus you are Gods Son you are God the Son why did you not teach your disciples about the physical universe?

Jesus taught nothing of the sciences as we know today. Does Jesus teach about them today? After Jesus left this earth did he lay a foundation for learning all the sciences? Jesus is the foundation and all knowledge is built on him. This sounds plausible.

The Bible does not teach the sciences as we know today. The Bible is spiritually digested it is written supposedly inspired by God’s Spirit. Of course Bibles can not be an exact word for word from God. The Bible gives an understanding and a close look at God. The first written scriptures were as close to God inspired as possible. Alas over time interpretations of the Bible include the human nature and such brings in possible error. Scholars of the Bible have tried to keep out error and at the same time bring the wording up to modern language thinking. The Bible is like one big metaphorical analogical study. The Bible tries to parallel the spiritual and the physical.

So does the Holy Spirit teach science as we know it today? The Bible does say:

1 John: 2:27 As long as his Spirit remains in you, you do not need anyone to teach you. For his Spirit teaches you about everything, and what he teaches is true, not false.  

So the query remains; Jesus did he come and set up a foundation that we people build the sciences on. Jesus has been the moral code of our behaviour and moral thinking.

There still remains the issue of the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden. There were two trees in that Garden that God specifically spoke about. The second tree was the tree of life.

Knowledge can and does corrupt people. We live in fleshly corruptible bodies. The Father God knows all but the Father is not in a corruptible body.

Humans want to use science to make them live longer. Science is used for good and bad; it is used to heal people and it is also used to kill people.

Jesus is our wisdom. But with his wisdom do we learn the sciences of the physical universe.  

I think that Satan has tried to parallel God’s wisdom with a counterfeit wisdom. We know this as human wisdom. This is thought man made not God made.

Mankind’s initial fall from grace was wanting to know as God knows. God was content to have mankind in ignorant bliss. “Man” was given a choice he could go for the tree of knowledge or go for the tree of life.

There is a great anomaly in this world. Socrates said “I only know that I know nothing”. And that is where it should end. The anomaly is that people think they are so clever to go for the wisdom of “man” and the knowledge that so corrupts their bodies.

I believe that salvation of the soul is only through Jesus Christ. Alas there are many people in the church who think otherwise.

We ask ourselves are we the elect of God?

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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