The Two Wise Men

Tony and Lester were minding their sheep by day.

Comes an Angel appearing to the two wise men.

“Hey there you two humans wise of God but fools of the world”.

“Hey I take offence at that” says Tony. “I am no fool. I can not speak for my friend Lester”.

“Me a fool no way I am no fool” says Lester.

“Please bear me out” says the angel. “Worldly people living for the world apart from God live for the world and not for heaven. Living for heaven is often looked at as been foolish for those living for the world”.

“Well if you put it like that then I agree” says Tony.

“Same for me too” says Lester.

My master has a message for you.

You mean God.

Yes God. God is sending his only begotten Son in to this world.

Wow the second coming.

Not really this is just a one day trip a sort of have a peep at the world getting ready for the big day in the future.


This day is Christmas day and is a celebration of Jesus’ birth in this world. You are to see Jesus some time today.

Wow I am in.

Me too what do we do?

Jesus will be in Perth city Australia go and see him.

[The Angel disappears]

Where did he go?

I can not see him. Where are you going?

We have work to do.

You mean going to see Jesus.

No looking after the sheep.

But the angel.

Angel or not we have sheep to look after.

Tony God might not be pleased with us if we disobeyed him.

Nonsense sheep are important.

But Tony the shepherd of all God’s sheep is more important.

Ok ok let’s go and find Jesus.

I say we check out the most expensive luxurious hotels. Surely Jesus will be in one of them.

[Tony and Lester walk in to the lobby of the Hillon’s Hotel. Every where there is luxury]

Excuse me have you a guest named Jesus Christ staying here?

No sir we have no guest of that name.

Can you check again? You are the most expensive hotel in Perth are you not?

We are at that sir but no Jesus Christ here.

Come on Tony we are wasting our time here.

[Tony and Lester walk to the next most expensive hotel in Perth city]

Let me try. Hello.


We are looking for one of your guests a man by the name of Jesus Christ.

A minute sir and I will check. No no record of that name.


No maybe try the next door at the Ritz.

[At the Ritz hotel]

No sir we have no record of any guest of that name staying here.

This is embarrassing. Let’s try a less expensive hotel.

[Tony and Lester try a further six hotels some expensive and some more budget]

No no no this is getting frustrating. God help us. Please God help us find your son.

Hey Lester I have just had a thought. Why not try the soup kitchen. They serve a Xmas lunch on today and we can ask there and have a meal at the same time.

That’s a great idea I am peckish and beggars can not be choosers.

[At the soup kitchen]

That was a nice lunch. Now let’s ask if anyone has seen Jesus. Excuse me sir Have you seen Jesus?

Jesus who?

Jesus Christ.

What does he look like?

Lester what does Jesus look like?

Longish hair beard long gown with belt and sandals.

How did you know all that?

I am just guessing.

Yes I saw a man sort of like that.

Where is he?

He told me he was going to the park next door to lie down. He said he needed to rest after the fine feast here.

Thank you. Come on Tony.

[At the park]

This group of people look undesirables. Watch your wallet.

Got a coin?

Sorry all out.

We are looking for a man wearing a long robe belted at the waist.

Stop there. I know who you mean. He went to those public toilets over there.

[Tony and Lester go over to the toilets and look inside. Vomit and faeces and the smell of urine are all over the place]

He’s not here.

[A man rushes in and vomits in a toilet bowl]

You two are looking for that Jesus fellow.

Yes we are.

Got a coin?

Sorry all out.

He said he was going to Mcdonaldson’s the fast food place over the road.

When did you see him?

About two minutes ago.

Thanks. Come on Tony.

[Lester and Tony walk in to the budget restaurant. They see Jesus and walk up to him and sit down beside him]

[Lester looks around the place and sees people who he has seen regularly in the city they are all sitting alone and have plain expressions on their faces]

Jesus. Jesus Christ.

You know of me.

Sure do. We were sent.

To be honest I was expecting you. But where is the third wise man?

Chris he was partying last night and all night he got high on alcohol and is sleeping it off.

Chris missed out. He is of the world the world look up to him but you two are of heaven you are of above.

[Jesus gets up from the table]

I must go. You stay here for a while.

[Jesus is gone he was there but is not there any more. Jesus went back to heaven]

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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