The Maze – Finding the True Path

Come on down this way.

Nah it’s a dead end.

This way; this looks like the right way.

It’s taking along time down this path. Hey it’s another dead end so much for your bright ideas.

Well don’t follow me then.

I won’t. I say we choose another leader. Bob seems to be in his right mind. I say we choose Bob.

Come on Bob what path do we choose? Come on all behind Bob he’s on a winner. I have a gut feeling that this is the true path.

Keep together I will get us there.

Hey the path is getting thinner. Oh no another dead end; so much for Bobs leadership.

Sorry peoples I did try.

Not enough though any takers for the leadership.

What is in it for me?

Freda you are selfish. It’s not what is in for you but what is in it for us all.

Nah too difficult; I pass.

Any takers; Gary you seem to be a high principled man wont you try and lead us out of this maze [of confusion].

Ok I will give it all I have got. Get behind me and follow.

Come on Gary will get us there. Gary what are you doing?

I am praying.

We need a leader not a prayer.

You said you wanted me because I had high principles. Well been moral has its duties. I am now going to read the bible for half an hour. Then I will lead.

Ok ok suit yourself prayer and read.

[30 minutes later].

All finished. Follow me.

Hey it’s getting brighter. We must be getting closer to the exit.

I think we will be there very soon. There we are we have arrived.

The light is over whelming.

You will get used to it.

Gary how did you know?

The bible told me.

Hey I say we all read the bible.

No that’s for wimps.

But no wimp gets to the end of the maze.

True ok I will read the bible in future.

Gary; is there anything else?


Ok prayer and reading the bible. Gary is our leader. He got us out of the maze because he has good morals and his morals are based on Jesus Christ. We certainly were on a winner with Gary.

Gary; is there anything else to say?

Jesus Christ is the True Path; I followed Jesus.

Jesus Christ will get us there. Where?

To Heaven.

In my understanding [if you choose to take my advice] to follow any one else other than Jesus is all in vain.

Vanity of vanities the preacher [King Solomon] lamented.

How do you follow someone you do not see?

Faith believes something or someone you do not see. Have faith.

The answers to all life lie in the invisible realm.

Seeing believes to a lot of people but there is another seeing that sees in to the invisible.   

The so called worldly exalted so called intelligentsia professor of learning might say: “All this so called Jesus Christ faith salvation talk is all simplistic child talk”.

I say “that is all true”. Jesus says let the children come to me for there’s is the kingdom of heaven. Also Jesus says that we must receive the kingdom of heaven like children. We must be child like in our understanding of good and bad. Children are more receptive to learn. As the saying goes “It is hard to teach old dogs new tricks”.  

Jesus Christ apparently was never schooled.

The Bible, New Testament, Gospel of John, Chapter 7 verse 15 reads:

The Jewish authorities were greatly surprised and said, “How does this man know so much when he has never been to school?”

The challenge is – Do we follow the simplistic child like Jesus a man of no great schooling in this world.

I say yes. Yes yes yes yes.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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