Soul Mate

There is the saying “A marriage made in heaven”. There is also the saying “It is hell on this earth”.

Analogy: Heaven is the head; soul is the head; the heart is the world. The man is of the head the woman is of the heart. Heart is mother earth. The sky is known as father sky. Sky is above; the head.

Women rule from the heart [or body] and men rule from the head.

I have found out gradually [oh yes the Bible says it too] from experience that one of the great dangers to men is having their hearts ruled by women. A man may be a king but if his heart is controlled by a woman then that king’s kingdom is ruled by the woman. One woman ruling a man’s heart may stretch to many women. The heart is the well spring of life and the man should in no way give that well spring to a woman.

Marriage should be made from above. I liken to the soul been above. I also liken heaven to been above. The heart seems to be fixated with things of this world. The world lies on the earth, mother earth. Mother earth and the heart are aligned; the mother earth giving forth life. Life grows in mother earth.  Life grows from the mother but the seed comes from heaven from the father above. Also life grows and growth comes from the father. The father gives the seed he gives the growth and he gives the life. The mother is a recipient of the seed and gives a place for the seed to grow. The mother is about earth she is the heart. We sow spiritual seed in the heart we sow seed from the father. We give our hearts and souls to God.

Man does not get a heart mate he gets a soul mate. The soul mate for man is his help meet. Adam was created first then Eve was created to help Adam. Adam was given the Word of God first. A male has first rights on the WORD. Jesus Christ is male not female. The male becomes the priest of God and sows spiritual seed for the good in his family. Soul to me is above and above is in heaven. We like to have a soul mate a mate been our marriage partner. Thus a marriage made in heaven is a soul union.

Soul is our thinking and feeling. People say “Do not go by your feelings”. True we should think rationally and not make decisions guided by just our feelings. Feelings are information that we gain by touch. A lot of insects have feelers. These extensions of their insect bodies relay senses back to the insect. The sense of touch seems to be a bodily thing rather than a soul thing. Soul to me is above; the brains; the head; the mind. The mind is often associated with the head. The mind is also associated with the soul. People say “Soul has emotions”. But are emotions and feelings the same. They seem to be. So we touch and thus feel and thus get emotions. People say emotions are to do with the heart. But soul is above and how can emotions / feelings be part of soul when they are of the heart and soul seems to be in the head. Maybe we should not go by the sense of touch because it is a sense not in the head. Hearing, seeing, tasting, and smelling are all senses originating in the head. The head rules not the body. The body submits to the head. The head and its senses are the brains of the body. The brain rules not the body. To have a marriage made in heaven is to have a soul mate. But is soul about feelings. The body and heart seem to be about feelings. Are we as rational humans to use reason from all our senses from the head and not from touch? Feelings can so often lead us a stray. We so often rely on feelings when we are romancing a partner. Feelings seem to be so irrational at times. Soul could it not be a feeling thing but an entirely thinking thing.

When we meet a prospective partner we see, hear and smell that person so artificial perfumes do not help. The brain needs to smell natural not unnatural. Man made perfumes make it so unnatural. We love our soul mate with all our heart with our soul and our strength. The brain with the soul / mind in co ordinates our love for our soul mate and our heart is used with all heartedness. Our soul mate must be Christian. We give our hearts and souls to Jesus Christ. The physical body is the temple of God through Jesus Christ. There is nothing unnatural in a relationship based on soul of Jesus Christ. Our heart is kept clear and clean of sin. Jesus Christ rules our hearts. In our souls we mature and think wise; think like Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ controls the man’s heart the woman should not control his heart. A woman not of Jesus Christ should not marry a man who has the soul of Christ and heart with Christ’s Spirit in. A man of Christ with an enlightened soul of Christ can perceive / discern and if he is sensible will find and keep a sensible Christ woman wife. People not of the Christ soul; the people living in darkness; do not understand people of the light. Such people of darkness do not see they would rather be people of the dark because they refuse to repent of their sins. People do prefer the sins of the flesh than obeying God. 


Woman to rule man often use traps to trap the heart of man. To trap the man’s heart woman often use their flesh. She uses her body. The body does not and should not rule. Woman ruling is unnatural. A woman to rule man has usually to give up her natural motherhood. A mother [in this case a wife] ruling the husband is unnatural and causes perversion for both of them. The children are perverted too. A woman might rule men through her intelligence this too is unnatural and also means giving up her place as a natural mother. Motherhood is God ordained and for a natural love between husband and wife the wife has to submit to the attentions of the husband otherwise there is perversion. The children need a strong father figure to look up to [father sky – sky as above – above as in heaven] strong in morality and God’s wisdom.

P.S. A lot of what I have written here is analogy.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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