The Mind; the Soul [Perverted – Turning Away]

I was angry; why?

I was watching television and I watch two men debating in favour of animals having minds; having minds that think and communicate types of languages. These two men in question are men of intellect having prestigious qualifications from universities. I have no doubt that both men are intelligent. But I question their understanding and discernment.

People of intellectual persuasion and having qualifications like doctorates and calling themselves professors are people that the world listens to. I ask myself is intelligence the same as wisdom; is intelligence the same as insight or discernment. Take a leader of a country is it better for such a person to have insight discernment wisdom or is better for such a person to have intelligence. Yes it is better to have both intelligence and wisdom but if one has to have one or the other is wisdom the better choice.

Wisdom sees; wisdom is insight; wisdom understands; wisdom is a spirit that is alive. Now intelligence does what? It gets the facts quickly and understands them.

Now why was I angry at watching two very qualified people debate the merits of animals having minds? First in my insight and understanding I do not see animals having thoughts. Thinking to think has to have a language. Language to be learned one needs mind soul and then reason. Animals use instinct. Instinct is behavior without thoughts. Animals do not reason. Reason is God given to homosapiens alone no other. Sapient is been wise. God breathed a soul in to a man and woman and from then on humans were thinkers. But a language was needed to think with and humans made language. Humans named all the things around them giving each a name. Languages grow they start simple and get wiser. Does a language evolve or does it mature? The simple get wise but do the simple evolve? Is evolution about maturity? The simple do mature and get wiser. Does a seed evolve in to a tree? Language has to start simple it starts with one word; one word goes on to two words; then three words the language is growing it grows in to maturity it grows in to what it was destined to grow in to just as the seed grew in to a tree. The seed does not evolve in to a tree the seed grows and the result is a mystery. How can science explain the mystery of a seed in to a tree as how can science understand why things turn out they do. Science is blind without God’s insight. Language like the English language has grown over many centuries. The English language is maturing it has developed immensely.

No one really understands soul much. They say soul is the spiritual side that is eternal whereas the mind is the thinking feeling. Maybe mind and soul is the same thing but what do I know. But God gave a soul to humans.

Did humans originate from fish? I do not know; to me no one really knows; one day mankind might get a true revelation about this. But to me fishes do not have souls or minds. If humans did come from the fish and evolved then there was a time when soul came in. But if we were apes and such like in the evolutional chain the soul did not come in at any sooner time than when we as humans evolved to look more like we are today. God says we are created in His image. Did we evolve in to His image I do not know? So once we as humans got soul we got reason we got the capability to have language we got words.

Soul is about words. God our creator is in Word. Word is where we get our understanding from. Animal’s fish’s insect’s birds do not have the words. So do animals fishes birds and insects have soul or mind; no. These creatures were not intended for heaven. Only humans have the privilege of eternal life. The soul is eternal. God gives the soul to humans and the soul goes back to God. God then does with the soul as he likes. It is His in the first place. He may punish the soul or He may bless the soul.

So I see two men on television proposing that animals have minds. Did they speak about the soul; no. The collective consciousness was spoken about. Or what some people might call the collective intelligence hey we can also call it the commonsense.

But the two men on television just were making me angrier as they spoke. What can I say about them? Please you are wasting your time. Animal’s birds fish insects do not have souls and do not have minds.

Jesus Christ did not come to save any other creatures but human beings.

Mind may be the thinking and feeling part of the soul. Jesus when He was on this earth says that He knew the thoughts of people [as the bible states]. Did Jesus know what animals were thinking? Let’s get out of kindergarten and open up our eyes. Are we humans that dim to think that animals are thinkers. Maybe sin has got in the way; turning away from our creator to worship false gods. Humanism has crept in to pervert people’s minds. People listen to the gods [gurus] of the world rather than to the true God. The human race is becoming more perverted [turning away] over time.

I ask myself; the people that look at animals and think that animals have minds; are these people indulging their senses in worship of nature. It is a dangerous thing for the soul to worship nature. Why? Nature is creation and by worshipping nature we worship creation. God did not intend us humans to worship creation. We are in soul to worship the creator. No one is exempt. Of course there are also those in Satan’s church that worship Satan. To worship creation is a turning away for our souls; turning away from worshipping our creator to worship the creator’s creation. It is like people worshipping their bodies. We have a head on the body with a brain in and here in the brain is where all the instructions come from.

The head is to be more glorified than the body. Jesus is called the head of the church. The church is the body. We do not worship the church we do not worship the body we worship no body we worship the God Head.

We worship Jesus Christ the Head. No one is exempt from perversion if they worship creation rather than the creator. No doctorate degree or professorship can save anyone. God can not be mocked. We reap what we sow.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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