The Universal Energy – Lives and it Dies

It’s growing before our eyes.

Golly that was an explosive beginning.

The egg is now not an egg.

It’s like a cosmic explosion.

It’s still growing.

Let it birth.

There we see it.

[5 years later]

The body is growing.

It’s getting much bigger.

It’s expanding.

Golly it’s growing big.

[15 years later]

It’s getting more mature.

[60 years later]

It’s mature.

[70 years later]

It’s slowing down its growth.

Its energy is dying down.

It’s slowly dying.

Its energy is just about finished.

[80 years time]

It’s just about dead.

No energy left.

It’s dead.

Ok Roberts what is the poem about?

Sir it’s about life.

What life; Roberts?

It’s about all life in general.

What is all life?

Sir it is about the human life; it is about the plants; it is about the fish; it is about the animals.

And is there anything else Roberts.

Sir it is about the universe as a whole.

Ok let’s try you Perkins. Carry on where Roberts left off.

Sir I do not understand the poem.

No worries. Gloria you have a say. What is your interpretation of the poem?

Sir it means all life is the same. It begins and ends. The baby is born and it grows and eventually it dies. All life is birthed and all life grows and then it dies.

What about the universe?

Sir the universe is life itself. Only it is on the grander scale. The universe must have started as a small beginning like as a child begins as an egg. Take the tree; it begins as a seed. But all life begins as a seed or an egg or some very small beginning. But life grows. The universe grows. But all life must end.

Gloria why must life end?

Life runs out of energy.

[School bell rings]

Class dismissed. Have a good weekend.

P.S.  In Christ life goes on.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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