All rise – the justice wants to speak

Come to the bench.

Your honour we are dealing with a respected member of the community. My client has many friends in high places. He is spoken of well by these people as these letters of reference prove.

I have no problem with that; do you prosecutor.

No your lordship.

Well let’s keep this case simple. Back to your seats and let the trial continue.

I call witness number one to the stand. Mr Bloggs do you declare on this bible that you will speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Yes I do.

Where were you on the night of November the 14th?

I was driving my car along Firth Avenue.

Did you see the complainants?

Yes I did.

What were the complainants doing?

They were stopped at the side of the road they were speaking to another person. I stopped my car to see if I could assist.

What did you observe when you came up to the persons in question?

I saw a man pull out a knife and knife the two complainants in their sides.

That will do Mr Bloggs you may sit down.

Defence you may call your witness.

I call Mr Hartle. Mr Hartle do you declare on this bible that you will speak the truth and nothing but the truth.

I do.

Mr Hartle you are a psychologist; is that true.

Yes I am.

I take it that you attended to the victim after the accident.

Your honour I take offence at our learned friend calling the charged person a victim. I also take offence at our learned friend calling the offence an accident.

Over ruled.

But your lordship.

Over ruled.

Mr Hartle how did you describe the so called offender when you attended to him after the accident I mean offence.

He was highly charged; totally stressed out and agitated.

Would you say that he had been provoked in to this stressful situation?

Yes I do. My client needed a means of release for his stress. I believe that the two complainants caused this stress. Taking a knife to the two complainants was a source of relief for the victim I mean accused. The accused had to have away out of the stress and it was lucky that he had access to a knife. Knifing the two in question seemed to solace the accused a bit. If he had not used the knife the stress might have caused more problems especially to his health.

That will do Mr Hartle you may sit down. My lord I have no more witnesses.

No more witnesses for me either my lord.

The accused take the dock.

I have read the references. They are glowing of your integrity. Much is made of how your Satan’s rogue gang helps those in need. It says your gang especially helps the young people. You provide a safe place on your premises for young people to gel in their minds with mature adults. I think that we can safely send you back out to the community to carry on your good works. Case dismissed. I set the accused free.

[Later out on the front footsteps of the court building]

That was a cinch Clive.

Let’s go and celebrate.

Ha ha what a laugh.

Ha ha ha ha.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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