Simple Vocation and Complicated Vocation

In a previous post titled ‘True Vocation’ on this blog I explained that true vocation lies within our human spirit. Human spirit to my understanding lies within our heart. We understand that truth is all simple.

People in life are created by God to be in a vocation of God’s calling. This vocation is not there to be used to serve ourselves it is a vocation to serve the God head. In serving the God head we serve other people. Our vocation lies within a simple human spirit and it is up to us to release that vocation from our human spirit. We tap this resource to the best of the God ability that we have and in doing so we are wise and successful. All vocations are based on simple truth. The key to this simplicity of vocation is to do only that vocation that lies within you.

To work another vocation outside your own is to be frustrated and unsuccessful. To work at the wrong vocation is to find complication. To work in your own vocation is to find simplicity. To work in ones own vocation is health to the heart. To work in ones own field is good because you are the master of that field. To work in another field is working for another master and you will always be a slave to other masters in other people’s fields. To work in your own field means you will always have plenty of food. To work in another man’s field you might live on pittance.

It is better to be the master than to be the slave. In our own fields we know what to do because in our hearts our human spirit helps us. Our human spirit sees, it hears, it knows what to do in any situation in our own field of work. For our human spirit to work in someone else’s field is so hard because our human spirit does not understand that other vocation. Life is so complicated for the person working another field. With complications come a lot of frustrations and lack of success.

The wise person finds their true vocation when they are young. The wise person is wise because they do not disobey God. To be in ones true vocation is to be guided by simple truth. In my perception each person is given a vocation not many vocations but one. A key to life an important one is finding that true vocation. Children that are trained and disciplined in Godly love in a Christian home are more likely to find true vocation.

We must protect the heart we must be wise and we must look to the interests of others. We are here not to use our God given gifts to serve ourselves but to use them to serve others. It is not about status and money rewards in finding our true vocation. To focus on money and status means our hearts will be continually bankrupt. We might look wealthy in a wrong vocation but it is a sham and our heart will continually remind us of that sham.

We might find true vocation by trying many vocations but in the end vocation always lies at the heart of us and there lies the truth. Vocation is not out there it is within us and never leaves us it is always close to us. We lose our focus when we go for the wrong things. To lose our focus is to lose our way. We come off the tracks and wander aimlessly. We lose our purpose in life.


From my understanding I see that the human spirit in the heart serves the head {with the brains in}. The old flesh sinful nature is also in the heart and competes with the spirit for what will is done. God does send His Spirit in to our heart [To the elect] to help us to find our true vocation. To live for spirit / Spirit is to deny the will of the old flesh nature. To live for the old flesh nature means one will never find true vocation but will be a slave to the wants of the flesh.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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