The two brain hemispheres – God and Jesus

My writings here are about the analogy of God and the human brain. To understand analogies think of another analogy the atom and the solar system.

There is what we humans call right wing thinking and left wing thinking. We have two sides to our brain. Our brain has two hemispheres. But does God have two hemispheres of thinking? I say yes. We know God the Father and we know God the Son. We know from the bible that Jesus Christ, God’s Son, is at the right hand side of God the Father in heaven. So in the heavens there is a right and a left hand side according to where God is. So God is the brains for mankind. We call God the God head. What about Gods Spirit. Gods Spirit is in the heart. But been in the heart means Gods Spirit is not in the head. True. But the church teaches that the Holy Spirit is in the God head. I do not know. So we have the right side been Jesus Christ and the left side been God the Father.

Who rules; the left side or the right side? I say both sides rule equally with the left side been overall in charge. The Father God naturally has more honour than the Son. In a relationship with two people there is often one person been dominant over the other person. In the relationship between a human father and his son the father is more honoured than the son. I also say that the Holy Spirit rules equally with the Father God and Jesus the Son. I see that the heart in the body is more to the left hand side of the body. So the heart to me is more in tune with the left hand side of the brain. The Father God subjects the world under Him. So the Father God uses the left side of the brain to subject the world to Him. The world is as like in the heart. The heart is like as the world. The head is like as the heavens. This is analogy. The heart is on the mid to leftish side of the body. In the heart as there is in the world there are passions that are on fire. In the world there is evil as well as good. From the heart we can sow to the bad or to the good. In the heart we have the old flesh sinful nature. This flesh sinful nature tries to rule. This flesh sin nature is in the heart along with the Holy Spirit [In the hearts of God’s elect] and human spirit.

So where / what should we rule from? We should rule equally from all the brain, both sides. Should we also rule from the heart? We have God’s Spirit in the heart so we naturally assume that the heart is included in ruling. The heart is our engine [Pump] in the body but does an engine rule. I am of the opinion the head rules and only the head. The head sent the Spirit in to the heart to power the engine. The Spirit of God in the heart obviously rules but does this Spirit leave most of the ruling to the Father and Son. While we are in the world we connect up to the world through our heart. We are in the world but not of the world. We sow to the world with Godly manifestations and not of our own old sinful nature selves.


Awake o sleeper.

We see; what? We perceive; what? We see and hear and taste and smell what? As we sense we also understand. God is within us and feeds our senses with His Word. With our awakening of our senses we awake in our minds / brains. So thus God says: “Awake o sleeper”.

The human being was made complex by man. Hey that statement is not true because man did not make the human being. God made the human being. Did God make the human being complex? I think not. Man has made the human being complex. But do humans make humans; some people think so. So humans have become complex because humans teach it so.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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