How can someone be wise and simple at the same time? I have already put my view forward that God is simple. But we ask ourselves is not God wise.

God obviously is wise. He has all wisdom. People say that to be simple is to be morally bankrupt. The simple do not have morals; they are ignorant of wisdom. True, to be simple, one can be void of good morals. The simple are at the base line of learning. They have not got past first base. But when a teacher teaches them simple plain straightforward knowledge; the simple person learns.

To be simple and of the world is to learn all the morals of the world. The world as we know it is void of many good morals. The worldly people are unGodly and live to gratify their desires. The simple person of the world is really the innocent bystander caught up in the web of the unGodly world.

So my view still stays; that God is simple. But God is also wise. The wisdom that God has and can give is simple wisdom. We have a simple faith in God so we can also have simple wisdom in God. Wisdom is the morally mature outcome of the simplicity. Spirit is simple but it can become wise through Gods teaching. The simplicity never leaves the spirit; the spirit just goes through a metamorphous. This change is likened to a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. This process of change however for the Christian can take along time. The change is like as a miracle and it can be as a mystery. Look a butterfly; amazing how it changed from a caterpillar. That change to people is one that people might never be able to explain. So they might just say that this is one of nature’s secrets. Mother Nature might just keep some secrets just as the heavenly Father might keep secrets. One of the heavenly Fathers secrets might be about ‘the simple becoming wise’.

So we call our faith in God simple faith. We call our truth in God simple truth. Why can we not call our wisdom in God simple wisdom?

From this we see that there is complicated wisdom. Complicated wisdom is not of God. Simple wisdom of God is pure clean thoughts. Complicated wisdom is to do with complexity meaning that there are many divisions; division as against oneness. To have division’s means wars; fighting amongst themselves for the spoils of the earth. Complexity is vain and foolish. The one pure God has no divisions. The one pure God has simple thought. This simple thought is wise. Simple is pure of one essence. The good morals of God are based on simple thought. 

So in our God the thought is simple and the out come is wise. Wisdom is the practicality of the simple thinking.  We think simple and act wise. Godly wisdom is the fruit of the pure Godly simple thought.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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One Response to “SIMPLE WISDOM”

  1. Che Says:

    I agree. I think often we try to over-complicate God when He is clear about what He desires from us in simple obedience. Though I do believe there is some mystery to God which I’m grateful for because we have all eternity with Him to keep being amazed at Him. Otherwise I image we would become quite bored.

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