Perversion is a turning away.

We turn away from our creator.

What do we turn to if we turn away from our creator? The answer is: we turn to the creation.

Whose creation is it? The answer is: the creators.

There is the creator and his creation. What is more important the creator or his creation? The answer is: the creator. Without the creator there would be no creation.

Who is perverse? Most of creation is perverse in some form. Creation was not meant to worship itself but it is meant to worship the creator.

Perverseness is in degrees meaning it can be some or a lot. There may be a turning away from the creator where there is no return. This is a complete break from the creator.

The father plants the seeds in the mother. The mother is the earth for the seeds to grow in. The seed is a physical seed. The seeds grow in the mother earth but the seeds grow towards the father. The seeds come from the father and grow towards the father. We have father sky and mother earth. A plant when planted is a seed but to grow it grows upwards to the sky. True the plant put its roots down in to the mother earth. A daughter and son have their original seed from the father. The seed gives both female and male heirs. The female and male children both look to the father in growing up. The seed needs earth to grow in as the seed needs water and sunlight. Rain and sunlight come from above.

The seed comes from the father in both physical and spiritual. There is physical seed and there is spiritual seed. Both seeds come from the father. The Holy Spirit comes from the Father God and the Holy Spirit comes from the Son Jesus Christ. The father gives seed and the son gives seed. The son and the father rule together over the mother earth planting seed into the earth. The son has a wife as the father has a wife this father’s wife been the son’s mother. The son’s wife is also mother earth. Mother earth means all mothers.

We get perverseness when the daughter or son both originally from the father in seed turn away from the father and turn to the mother earth. The mother earth represents creation. The son and daughter in growing up have to be directed in their ways to the father. The father gives direction to his children. The daughter becomes a mother and the son becomes a father but both are still children of their parents even though both become like their parents. The seeds grow up to become like the parents.

Worship of the Father God is paramount to a healthy life. We grow towards the Father God. We come from the father [Father] and we return to the Father. The father [Father] is in charge. We are God’s children not because of human father intervention but because of God’s will. God is the WORD. The WORD is always the basis of the entire creator / creation goings on. The WORD is alive. The WORD does what God planned for it from the beginning of time. But we humans have freewill and we suffer the consequences if we disobey God’s will.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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