GOD is Simple – GOD is not Complicated

We may ask ourselves; how does God think? Does God think complicated thoughts? If God thinks complicated thoughts, then He is a complicated God.

My thinking is that there is a simple answer to every problem. Also to find truth does one expect the truth to be complicated? If God is complicated then the universe is complicated. If God is simple then the universe is simple.

I take this further. Revelation to me is simple and not complicated. God’s truth can come through revelation. Revelation can come as perceived thought that is helped by one having clean senses. Our senses are only clean if we are clean in deed and thought. We need thus to be sensible; sensible is to be wise then we can get revelation. Sensible come from the word sense and having good senses means using the senses wisely; the sense of smell; taste; sight; hearing and touch.

So if God revelation is simple then we humans are made simple. What is simple? Simple is the opposite of complicated and complicated means difficult and confused. God to me is certainly not a confusing difficult God. God is our heavenly Father and loves us; He does not hate us. God teaches us with simple teaching. Nothing is made hard or difficult. Only mankind makes teaching difficult and confusing. Mankind’s teaching places big burdens on people’s backs. God does not place burdens on people’s backs.

Simple is straight forward and honest. When God teaches us he speaks total honesty. All truth is simple. Simple is child like and meek. Simple does not exalt oneself. Simple is not proud. Simple does not make oneself to be someone that they are not. To be simple and of the world is to be a fool. To be simple and to be of God is to be wise. The simple of the world may die from their foolishness. The simple people of God are protected by God.

If I was a non Christian and a missionary was trying to convert me to the faith why would I be a Christian if Jesus Christ was a confusing and difficult God? Why join up with a complicated church and its faith?

It makes sense that love is not complicated. To love someone is to teach them with simple truth. So our church fathers must not teach about a complicated God. Complicated is to do with deceit and underhandness.

All truth is simple and lies are complicated. Satan our enemy is complicated; confusing; and difficult. God gives pure truth without any deceit. We do not need to worry about getting any lies from God because God does not lie.

The simple believe everything that they are taught. That is why the simple are fools if they are of the world. The world’s teachers speak lies and deceit. They do not always tell the truth. But when a simple person is of God that person believes everything that God says so they will get wisdom. So I do not believe our God is a complicated God. I believe our God is a simple God. It is the worldly people who make God out to be complicated. To know God as a complicated God is not to know God. We need simple truth, simple prayer, simple faith, and simplicity in our actions. To me our human spirits were created simple. To learn from God’s Spirit our human spirit must learn in simplicity. All other learning is to do with the world and for the world. The world is only concerned with making riches. Their God is mammon.

To return to the simple life is health to the body and health to all creation.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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