The Truman Syndrome

Mr. Murray! Mr. Murray!

Urrr, yer, what?

Your psychiatrist is downstairs he wants to see you.

Did I have an appointment with him?

You sure did. Looks here’s the appointment card on your bedside table.

Oh yes I remember now.

Come on. You can not keep the good Doctor waiting.

I must have nodded of.

You run along I will make up your bed.


[Mr. Murray walks out in to the corridor]

[Mean while in a room not far away but on the hospital grounds two men are looking at TV screens]

Wally, who’s that?

Let me see; get a close up; oh that’s Muzza Murray.

Are you sure?

Yep I am sure.

Oh yer I see from camera 34 it’s him. Looking from the back it’s harder to tell.

Hey look at this dude.

Oh yer Brian he’s one for the girls. He’s got no chance with Wilma.

Why not?

Brian smokes a lot and Wilma detests smoking.

How do you know that?

Every time I see a smoker go over to Wilma she walks away.

Hey I think we are spending too much time looking through these cameras. Some people might say to us ‘get a life’.

It pays the bills.

True its good money.

[Mr. Murray steps into the psychiatrist’s room]

Sorry Doctor for keeping you waiting I forgot.

No worries Lester sit down. How’s thing’s?


You still thinking people are watching you.

Yes sort of.

I have increased your medication another 5 mg. That might help.

Doctor is my sickness common.

Yes it is. We in the medical profession call it the ‘Truman Syndrome’. Some statistics make out that one in seven people have this illness. Over the last three years the percentage of people with this illness has doubled.

Why is it getting worse?

Research has not come up with the answer yet.

Will that be all Doctor?

Yes Lester. Lester same time in two days.

Thank you Doctor. Bye.

[Lester has a cup of tea in the ward lounge]

George look at this one; this Doctor; he’s pinching some flowers from the flower bed.

Follow him. Swing camera 40 around. He’s going to meet that nurse again behind ward 4. Zoom in.

Want a game of cards I am getting bored.

No I enjoy watching these people.

Suit yourself, I might have a cuppa, you want one.

Yes my usual thanks.

What’s that Doctor doing?

[Mean while Lester is still having a cuppa tea in the ward room. A nurse comes up to him]

Mind if I join you Lester.

Sure nurse.

How did it go with the Doctor?

Not much.

I see from the medicine chart that your medication has been increased.

Yes that’s about it.

You want to talk.

Not really.

You still think people are watching you.


There’s a group outing to the shopping centre in 15 minutes do you want to join us.

Yes sure thing.

The van will be outside in 10 minutes.

Hey Wally that Doctor’s pager must have gone. He’s walking fast to ward 6.

Poor guy too much work he’s over worked.

[The van takes a group of patients to the local shopping centre]

Follow me to the food court.

[Mean while in a security control room in the shopping centre two men are watching TV screens]

Fred look at this lot just coming from the carpark; looks like mother goose and her chicks.

I know that lot they are from Timberlands Hospital.

Oh that crowd. Zoom in I want a close up of the goose.

Not now; there are some suspicious characters in the sports store.

Drink up everyone we can not be here all day.

But nurse; why the rush?

Come on move.

Everyone, belts on.

That was short.

No grumbling. We are going a different way back it is only about 5 minutes longer.

Nurse what are all those buildings used for?

That’s a military base.

[Mean while in a large room on the military base fifteen men are watching TV screens and listening on headphones]

Nurse what do they do at the base?

Military things.

Like as in what?

Parades and such like.

[In the military control room]

We have a red light.

Looks like chatter from a foreign boat. I can not make out the language.

[Mean while the van from Timberlands Hospital is going past the base. One of the patients is Chinese and she is ranting and raving in her Chinese language]

Ching Wu put a foot in it.


Suit yourself keep it up and no dessert for you.

[At the base]

Sir I think we have a genuine one here. I am taping it.

Could be a Chinese ship keep on it.

Yes Sir. My instincts tell me it’s Chinese.

Ok tell our friends up at Boganville.

[Mean while at a secret American military base up north]

We have data coming through from the Australians at base Alpha.

A Chinese ship; um. Get the satellite online.

Yes Sir.

See anything.

No Sir nothing.

Swing closer to land.

Not that close we can see all the bathers on that beach. Some of them are a sight for sore eyes.

[Mean while back at the hospital]

Hi Gloria

Hi. What are you in for Lester?

I think I am been watched.

Hey my brother has that.

What are you in for Gloria?

I think I am been listened to all the time.

Dinner is ready everyone.

[In the Hospital security room]

Wally the night shift is here.

See you tomorrow George.

[George drives home]

[Cameras are watching the road that George drives on]

[He arrives home]

Hi dear how did your day go?

The usual just watching all the people at the Hospital.

Dear the ‘Truman Show’ movie is on TV tonight. Sit down and we can watch it together.

Is the movie funny?

The paper says it’s a comedy.

My job might seem like a comedy to some and to others they might take offence.

[Lester leaves the lounge to go to bed]

[A camera watches Lester ascend the stairs. He thinks “what is wrong with me”? As he passes the television room he hears laughter coming from it. The ‘Truman Show’ is on. Lester thinks “maybe I should not take things so seriously. Life can be a stage of comedy full of wit. But the stage can be also full of horror and tragedy. Maybe it is how I perceive the stage of life and I can choose to see of it how I want. If I want to see it as a comedy then a comedy it is. But the reality to me is that the stage does have a lot of tragedy as well as comedy”]

[Of to bed]


People mess with other people’s minds [Souls]. Governments in the name of “in the national interest” mess with people’s minds [Souls]. People want to know what other people are thinking. Knowing what other people think gives people an advantage in what we call psychological warfare. Governments use technology to try and work out what people are thinking. Billions of dollars are spent in pursuing this end. Jesus said he knew what people were thinking. To understand people correctly is to go through Jesus and not through all this space age technological electronical wizardry stuff.

Messing with someone’s mind [Soul] can be as easy as just judging or lying to them. We humans know that we have all messed with other people’s minds [Souls]. As long as we have a tongue we will continue to cause harm to souls.

Who has tamed the tongue?

Every word either it be written, spoken or thought has to come in submission to Jesus Christ no matter what authority people might claim as an exception. Jesus Christ is the supreme authority and all submit to Him.   

The Truman Show is a real movie.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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