The Birds and the Bees

Dad how was I made?

That is a difficult question.

Come on Dad you know all the answers.

[Dad sighs and thinks – I know all the answers ‘That’s a good one’]

Dad, tell me tell me.

Son I did not make you.

Come on Dad of course you did.

Son I did help make you.

I knew it. You made me.

No son I did not make you.

Who made me then?

Son I planted the seed.

I came from a seed?

You sure did.

Who made the seed?

The seed was already there.

But who put the seed there?

God knows I certainly did not put the seed there.

God knows.

Well yes son putting it like that God knows.

And you don’t know.

No son.

So I came from seed.

Yes son I had the seed and I planted the seed.

Where does Mum come in all this?

Mum is like the earth. The seed is planted in Mother Earth.

So Mum made me.

Son Mum did not make you. Your Mother was like as the earth where the seed was planted.

So I was made in Mum.

Look at that tall pine tree out the window. That tree grew from a small seed. That seed is so small that I could hold it in my fingers.

No Dad that tree is enormous it surely did not come from something so small.

It did son.

How can a tree that big and tall come from something so very small?

God knows.

You mean God only knows?

Yes son God only knows.

My teacher should know he knows everything.

Son you also came from a very small seed I had the seed I do not know how the seed came to me I planted the seed in the Mother Earth the seed grew and became what you are now.

No Dad that sounds ridiculous.

Ridiculous or not it’s the truth.

Teacher at school says scientists will know everything one day.

But will scientists ever be able to explain how a seed so small gets to be a large tree or person?

Dad who made me?

Son I did not make you. Your Mother did not make you.

You gave the seed.

Yes I gave the seed.

You did not make the seed?


Who made the Mother Earth?

God knows.

Dad it seems God knows everything and you know very little.

How true.

Teacher at school knows everything.

No son.

How did the seed get so big?

It grows.

How does it grow?

God knows.

Dad how did everything come about?

Son look up their in the sky we on this earth are part of a large area called the universe.

Teacher told us about the universe. It’s so big.

Son in Gods plan big comes from small.

You mean the universe was a seed in the beginning.


The universe began from something very small. God is a God of growth. God is a God of maturity.

What was this seed that began the universe?

The seed had to be full of so much energy that humans could not in their human capacity understand it. Look at the sun the sun has a lot of energy.

Was the seed a sun?

The seed had to be more than just sun it had to be an energy source that transcends all and everything in the universe. It had to be an invisible seed.

You mean the invisible made the visible?

Yes exactly.

Can we see this universe making seed?

God knows.

Dad God knows everything.

Sure does.

Can I meet God?

We all meet him one day.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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One Response to “The Birds and the Bees”

  1. meetingintheclouds Says:

    A novelty way of expressing a truth.
    The fact is that everything comes back to God.

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