Letter to a friend

Greetings Horst far away yonder friend across the world in a foreign land

You may be far away in physical miles but you may be very close in spirit. Is that not so? We are spirit we think in soul [what the world calls the mind – oh do not mention the word soul that is not politically correct always say mind – not soul]. So I am not conforming to the world I say soul – soul it is – mind bahhhh. You get the mind doctors been called psychiatrists but they wont mention soul but the word soul is even in their title – psyche is soul. Mind it is for these mind doctors don’t mention soul. The world is going barmy. In God we are taught to love our souls; no not to hate our souls; no not to love our [old] selves [or do we love both our old nature and new nature?]. Soul [is soul self?] and self can be different entities self can be old nature self that we turn over for dying. The saying “We die to live and we live to die”. Like also “We eat to live and we live to eat” so true Christians are on a journey of death to live. We Christians offer up our old nature to be crucified so that we can live for spirit. People in the church speak about been born again; born again in spirit. We Christians give up the old nature the old flesh nature to live for the spirit nature. So we Christians go through a death like Jesus went through we die as Jesus died we sacrifice our old sinful nature for the new spiritual nature in Jesus Christ. We are born again as new persons in Christ we have been given a second chance at life we now live for eternal life. Is it hard to die in our old natures? It certainly is hard it is no holiday dying is hard there is no pleasure in dying. We reap our rewards in the spirit our soul is blessed with the spiritual rewards from God. We in the world are failures in the old nature we fail and we fail we fall and few people help us up we are no hopers and we have no faith. In spirit we are winners we are conquerors we are wise we are faithful we love and our souls are so pleased. The old sinful nature never helps the soul – baaahhh to the soul the sinful nature wants not to please soul but the flesh and the world. The old nature is not about heaven but the world and its wants. God wants to save the soul we must give the soul to God and we give the soul to God by accepting Jesus Christ the Son of God. God is Spirit he in Spirit saves the soul. We can identify with God in spirit our human spirit it is hard to identify with God in flesh. Our human spirit can see it can hear we must allow our human spirit to relate to God Spirit. Spirit is not understood just in the flesh. True, Jesus came in the flesh in to this world but Jesus has to be spiritually discerned. The human spirit is a person it is you in spirit a spirit person. God is also a Spirit person. The scientists in their laboratories are seeking to find the beginning of the universe they want to see the Spirit of God scientists making particle accelerators [one on the border of Switzerland and France] that are called atom smashers. The scientists seeking out the smallest particles in the universe small is big the smallest is the biggest; such a paradox how can small be big? God is the smallest and made the biggest. The universe is the biggest creation and God is the smallest in this creation. Power all power is in the atom actually all power is in God. So scientists want to see the boson particle what they also call the God particle God as in capital G God. How much is this costing? Europe is paying for this particle accelerator the biggest in the world. Who is paying for it? Governments what Governments? Governments get their money from people that pay taxes. Europe is paying dearly Greece is practically bankrupt what other European countries are struggling because they are paying billions of dollars for this sight of the God particle. Maybe Governments can just print more money to pay for what they want. Hey what about inflation? Scientist’s playing with their toys at great expense. People mean while go on dying in this world because of starvation and lack of medical treatment. Is finding this God particle so important to Governments? Are they not digging themselves in to a bottomless hole that will continue to suck up money lots of money? So we get Governments willing to pay lots of money to see God.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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