Psycho-analysis – A breaking down of complex to simplex

Simplex can be easily digested whereas complex is hard to digest. Complex is many whereas simplex is one. We as humans are created simplex. God is a simplex ONE God. We as humans have a head and a body. We do not have many heads but only one. Just as there is one body of Christ there is also only one head of Christ. Jesus is the head we are the body. There are not many heads as there are not many bodies. We worship one head; not many. The whole illustration about the God head is standing right in our faces. We do not see because we can not see our own face in a spiritual revelation. A mirror is the only way we can see our own face and a mirror is not a spiritual revelation. Yes we can see our bodies so we know more about the church just as we know more about the body. Can it be that simple — yes it is. God created it to be simple not complicated.

God is not a God of deception; He keeps it very simple. The head and the body are attached. The head cannot survive without the body and the body cannot survive without the head. The head and the body are ONE. The head and the body need each other. To learn we need to keep it simple. We can not learn/digest complex foods/learning unless they are made simple. We have to break our foods down to small sizes just as we have to break down our learning down to small sizes. To have many Gods is to worship many heads. We are meant to worship the one head. To worship many is to create a complex. Complex is many. When we worship many we do not learn and we do not mature. God is simplex so to mature we need to digest and grow.

Inferiority is associated with complex– inferiority complex. Complex is inferior to simplex. Simplex is superior as God is superior. God is our superior. The many gods is inferior to the ONE true God. ONENESS is unalloyed. It is not a mixture. Oneness is pure. It is not a mixture of many. Mixture is weak because the bonding is between many. The more elements there are; the more divisions there are. Complex is about divisions. Divisions are not one. Divisions lead to break up. So to digest we need to break up the complex to a simplex. The simplex is our food. We can pass simplex through our bodies because Gods word is simplex. We are supposed to be one with the head and as the head is simplex the body too should be simplex. We must learn that the ONE true God is not a complicated God. He does not want to be complicated and He does not want a complicated body/church. We must learn to keep things simple as it was in the beginning and as it will be in the end. We are born simple and we die simple. The rest is all waste. The waste in our system is passed out of our bodies/church. We do not need the waste. We have to keep our bodies sane. Sane is to do with sanitation; keeping the bodies clean of waste. The church to be kept sane has to have good waste clearance. Sanity is to do with good sanitation. Sanitation is to do with cleanliness. Jesus is a sane God. He is a head of simplex. Complex thoughts are not productive. Complex thoughts are divisive and weak. Division lets in the waste. Waste is uncleanliness so the thoughts are unclean. Simplex thoughts are ONE therefore no waste can get in to them. Simplex of God is pure thoughts. God is pure.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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