The Simple Truth

God’s creation is simple. Man’s [As in men and women] creation is complex. 

Man made creations for example like the combustion engine; the jet engine; the fridge; the electric or gas oven; the radio; the television; the computer; computer software; the mobile phone; the landline phone; are all complex and made by man. All man made creations are complex. Man seldom makes simple creations. Creations of man are his inventions. Man is continually inventing.

God’s creations are the plants; the animals; the fish; the insects; the birds and of course man [women and men].

Did God come down from heaven and make a television? Did God send angels down from heaven to make the television? No; God did not make the television. People might say “God made the television through people. God used people to make all these inventions”. God makes living life not dead life. God makes life and puts his breath in to life. True, not all life of God’s creation has breath. The plants do not have breath. Breath is the spirit. Plant life does not have spirit. The animal’s insect’s birds and fish breathe; do they have spirit? I do not know if they have spirit but they definitely breathe. Is there life in the soil? Is there life in the sun? Is there life in the entire God made material? I think God made life but it is not all understood.  

God in the beginning created; God used his power to create; God created simplicity of life. Life is meant to be lived simply. Man has come up with all his complex inventions, made up in his mind, thinking according to his own purposes, not Gods and making an artificial complex array of things. God wanted simplicity from the beginning. Man was meant to live for family and community in a climate of God’s love. There were not meant to be any wars man was meant to live together in love. There are Christian groups even today that try to live in communities of simplicity and love devoid of as many of mans inventions as possible. The Amish are a Christian group and they live in communities that are witnesses to the power of God’s love without complex creations of man. There are some Catholic communities like monks and nuns that live without [not all] man’s complex inventions. We in our human spirit are created simple. We begin simple and become wise. Man’s wisdom is complex such complexity weakens the human spirit. God’s wisdom is simple it is strength for the human spirit. Man’s wisdom is trying to snuff out God’s wisdom. Man is going on creating; his creation is snuffing out God’s creation. Man is slowly killing off Gods creation. The sea; lakes and rivers are been depleted of fish. Trees and plant life are been cut down. Humans kill humans. There are fewer animals in this world now. Why? Man is killing off God’s creation to replace it with his own creation. Humans in the future may have all sorts of mans inventions built in to their bodies.  Humans also are snuffing out the human spirit. Not only is the human spirit suffering but God’s Spirit is not been acknowledged. Man in his teaching does not teach about spirit and soul. Man’s creations do not include God. Man’s creations are about man and man’s glory not God’s glory. Did Man give the glory to God when man created the television? Did man glory God when man created the mobile phone? No man himself got the glory. Man wants to be God. Man wants to create. Man made complex and in his thinking he has become complex. Man has put complex in to a simple body. Man is destroying himself and all God’s life.

Man wants to know as God knows. Will man be able to live for ever in this universe? That is what man wants but he will not be able to achieve it. Man will try and become God but in the process he will kill himself. Man is nothing but flesh, blood and bone and nothing can change that. God will not put a soul and human spirit in to man’s invention. Robots will not have soul and spirit. Man can not change in to immortality only God can do that [God will also give immortality to the elect people in the second coming of Jesus Christ].

So we get a man in his prime in age in this world been the god and glorying in man’s inventions but this man will get old and in his old age this man will see the futility of man’s inventions. This man will die and all his glory in his inventions will die with him.

Vanity of vanity is man’s inventions and glory.

So there is simple truth and complex truth. Complex truth is of man’s making; simple truth is of God’s making. Complex truth is about man’s wisdom [Called worldly wisdom]; simple truth is about God’s wisdom [Wisdom from above].

Man is drawn to complex truth and man’s wisdom because of money; status; importance; position; glory; riches; wealth.

People might say “Simple wisdom and simple truth baaaa what is in it for me?”

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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