What came first the chicken or the egg?

I read in the news today that scientists are saying the chicken came first.

I was looking recently at a made up [by scientists] picture depicting the universe. The universe looked similarly like an egg. This makes me think – God is no chicken but if the universe is an egg; a cosmic egg; then He God made it.

What came first the universe or God? We know God as coming first it makes more sense. The universe could not have come by chance.

Wise people of God do not live their lives by chance. Chance is not anchored it is airy fairy there is no sure sound foundation there.

God came first but how did God come about? We know the universe came about because of God. God laid the cosmic egg. God gave birth to the cosmic egg the universe. The chicken laid the egg. How did God and the chicken come about? If the universe is an egg does this egg give birth to another god? Eggs give rise to what laid them. We do not think of God as reproducing himself. The universe is not going to explode and give birth to another God. Not to my thinking. We are taught about the ONE God not many gods. Oneness is a key to God understanding. Maybe the universe is not a cosmic egg. But if it is then does God the creator die and rebirth as himself from the cosmic egg he made. Does the universe explode [Like as an egg hatches] and out comes God. Is this the way God continues? We reckon the universe is not eternal. Or is it? Everything material comes to an end. Is that not true? The universe is material. The universe at its end must either explode or implode. Implode could mean that the universe loses all its energy and goes back to the centre of origin of its beginning. It is as like a rubber band it is stretched but at its limit of stretching it snaps back to the original size. So does the universe at its fullest maturity give birth to another God or does the universe snap back to its point of beginning. A chicken’s egg is not for ever expanding in size. The universe has been expanding. What is the cosmic universe eventually going to reproduce? We are taught that God is a God of reproduction. Creatures on this earth reproduce. God goes on and on for eternity. Is there more to the universe than meets the eye? Does the universe produce for eternity? Or will it die out. Energy dies out. Human beings die out but they produce they reproduce. Human beings have energy but their energy dies out. Does God’s energy die out? How does God reproduce his energy?

God is a God of mystery. The answer to life usually looks us in the face but we do not see it all. We do not understand. We sin. 

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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