Burn those books

The feminists were in to burning the bra. We also get another revolution – burn those books. The feminists were making a statement – “we can do what men can do”. So who wants to burn books and why?

Mao Zedong a Chinese revolutionist became a great leader of China. He like most leaders of questionable character rose to greatness on the backs of poor people. Mao is only great to some people great to those that were recipients of his gifts. Mao to cower other people before him used fear and that fear was ruled by the gun. It was simple for Mao to just dispose of his distracters those that annoyed him. Many people died to keep Mao in power. Mao was a dictator and ruled with the gun. Other dictators in this world came in to prominence only through the gun. It was kill and kill more.

Stalin our ruthless dictator of the former Soviet Union was a man great but great also in been unloved. Many of the Soviets citizens spent most of their years in the famous Siberian prison camps. Even now days we never hear much of how people were treated in those camps. There must have been millions of Soviets in all those many camps.

The so called great leaders great in the sense that they led many people were persons of the sword [gun] but they were also persons of the word even if in many leaders’ cases their words were deceptive.  

Mao and Hitler were both people of their word [used words]. Both these men wrote books and made them mandatory reading. Stalin maybe wrote books but his mantra and ideas are not on the scope of say Hitler’s words. Hitler used words to make him self powerful. Hitler saw a need; the people of Germany needed a leader that would be a father to them. We get the fatherland. Hitler played to the people like an actor. He ranted and raved putting his spirit at the zenith of politics in Germany and guiding the German people as like guiding little children. Hitler like a lot of revolutionists was put in jail. In jail Hitler did not waste time he wrote a book and named it “Mein Kampf”. Hitler had his bible his bible was named “Mein Kampf”. Mao had his bible his bible was named “The Little Red Book”. Jesus Christ left his legacy and we have what we call the “Bible”. Jesus Christ a leader; to many people a dead leader; but to many more people a still alive leader.

Leaders live by the word and die by the word. They also live by the sword and die by the sword [or gun]. Jesus did not use the sword he used the WORD [God’s Word]. The word ‘sword’ and the word ‘word’ look very similar and both can kill. The word from the tongue is as like a sword.

Other leaders of questionable character know the power of both words and the sword [gun]. Leaders like Hitler and Mao used dialogue they spoke to the people shepherding them as a shepherd to sheep. When the sheep did wrong or disobeyed the shepherd they were killed or incarcerated. Jesus was and is the loving shepherd. There is no other shepherd as good and loving as Jesus. When Hitler came to power many books were burned. People might have said – “Hitler is our shepherd we learn from him we do not need to read the writings of all those other so called professors of truth. Hitler is our truth”. Hitler is treated like a god.

Most people who think know that it is much better to follow one person’s ideas and thoughts than to follow many people’s thoughts. We humans are made to think and focus on one. To be better focussed is to focus on one. It is easier to focus on one than focus on many. Many confuses where one simplifies. Oneness simplifies ones thinking. Just as God says he is the ONE true God there is no other. Oneness settles the mind. So when a charismatic person comes along and uses his words with adeptness one is inclined to want to follow that person. Most people want a leader. Words make a leader. The good leader backs up his words with good works the bad leader backs up his words with bad works. 

We get leaders like Hitler; Mao and Jesus having their writings.

Mao on getting to power forced the intelligentsia class of people to go and work in the rice fields. Go and work with your hands get out of the class room and do real work. Mao obviously saw the intelligentsia as a threat. Mao wanted his words to be the guiding force behind the Chinese people. Mao – did he burn books of the intelligentsia class? I would think so. Mao had his bible named “The Little Red Book”. Burn all the other books and all Chinese people to read Mao’s writings.

Jesus is returning – The second coming. Jesus on returning will rule with great power. Maybe when Jesus returns we can burn all the books except the Bible. Jesus, when he is here on this earth; why read a book from a human perspective when we can hear Jesus him self.  

A leader wants to be listened to. A leader wants to be followed. A leader wants to be believed. A leader wants no competition. Leaders want absolute loyalty. Leaders can and do burn all competitors’ books. When a new leader takes over there can be many bonfires burning books.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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