Who leads the man or the woman? What is Satan up to?

God in his wisdom has set out to us humans the wise way to live. To go against God’s wisdom is folly. God can not be mocked we suffer for it when we go cross purposes to God’s will. God’s will is set there for the good of mankind.

God says the husband must rule the wife as Christ Jesus rules the church. The husband is the head as Christ Jesus is the head. The head rules, the body does not rule. The husband to rule must rule from the mind of Christ. The wife must submit to the husband as the church submits to Christ. This is the natural way any other way is unnatural. Unnatural is to be perverted.

The woman must not rule the man. For the woman to rule the man is unnatural. The woman must not rule from the top she must be submissive to the man. The woman must be submissive as the church is to be submissive.

It is natural for the man to rule.

When a woman rules men she suffers. Her body is at cross purposes to God’s will so her chemistry in her body is altered. Her hormones are at cross purposes to God. A woman in charge of men may have masculine qualities. Her voice might be husky like a man’s. She might grow hair like a man in places like above her lip thus getting a moustache. She might start looking masculine. Such a woman determined to be in charge of men will have unnatural love. Her husband or partner will have to be the submissive one. Like wise this woman is the dominant one in the relationship. Her husband or partner might be effeminate he will display characteristics of a woman. His hormones will also alter his masculinity to be more feminine.

The love life of a male female couple, where the woman leads, is topsy turvey it is upside down. It is an unnatural love it is a perverted love.

The man to rule needs the mind of Christ. The man to rule without the mind of Christ is prone to rule from the wisdom of Satan [or humanism]. A church woman ruled from the wisdom of Satan [or humanism] suffers.  Likewise a man ruling from the mind of Christ to a woman not of the church suffers. A husband and wife ruling equally does not work. One person must make the over riding decisions. Two people making the decisions will clash. In dancing we know that the man leads. That we know is normal.

God sent Jesus Christ to save souls and to point the way to God. Jesus Christ is the wisdom of God. All things have their proper place in Jesus Christ.

It is proper in the wisdom of God for a man to lead.

Satan beguiles the world. Satan has his own women to rule people. There are women that serve the Dragon. Men also serve the Dragon. Sometimes men and woman have a tattoo of a snake on their body. Men usually have it on their arm woman might have it on another part of their anatomy. These so called people professing allegiance to Satan can be godless descendents of Adam and Eve. They are the disobedient children they may go to hell. There are the children of Satan [Dragon] that are natural children of Satan. They are the ones that are the snake children. They are not the ones that wonder away from God they were born in Satan’s church [body]. The Dragon has no mercy, the snakes have no mercy, and they hate the children of God. They would work and starve the descendents of Adam and Eve to death. Pray that God will not let the church come in to bondage to Satan. There is no love here with Satan. The Dragon has his throne. Satan is known to use his servants the beasts. The beasts are just as bad as Satan. Satan’s snakes can even kill each other, snakes killing snakes.

[It must be remembered that when I speak about snakes I am talking about the spiritual side. I am not speaking metaphorically but spiritually. For the one that sees in the spirit it is understood but for one that does not see in spirit one has to read and have faith – not to judge but to pray and listen. To a lot of people ‘seeing is believing’ but they mean this seeing in the physical. We are essentially spirit we are a human spirit we are given gifts in spirit from God. The wisdom of this world will not help you understand spirit or the gifts of the spirit. Actually the world’s wisdom will try and deny spirit and soul. The world’s wisdom can not save your soul. The world’s wisdom of ‘man’ is nonsense to God as God’s wisdom through Jesus Christ is nonsense to the worldly person].

The man of God see’s his wisdom through Jesus Christ. The worldly man sees his wisdom through ‘man’ [known as humanism] or through the dark wisdom of Satan.

Apostle Paul says – all I focus on is Jesus Christ and especially his death on the cross.

1 Corinthians 2:2 [Good News Bible]

….I made up my mind to forget everything except Jesus Christ and especially his death on the cross.

The man is in charge that is the natural order of things. God can not be mocked. Satan does use his women to confound the men of God. Satan and his women are perverting the people of this world. The church must resist all temptations to go for the wisdom of Satan. Satan’s women beguile the descendents of Adam and Eve with perverted love.

Even snakes are more cunning then the children of God. The children of God need to read the wisdom of Jesus Christ and apply it to their lives. Only through Jesus Christ can we out wit the snakes there is no other way. The children of the Dragon are getting in to our churches [true; mere buildings]. They are even giving out the bread and wine in Holy Communion [mass].  This makes me think – will snakes take over leadership of our churches and where does this end?

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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