Eternal Life

Scientists are creating. Science is knowledge but knowledge of what? Scientists deal with science of creation. It is science of matter the physical. Scientists do not deal with spirit or soul. Scientists need evidence in their quest to create and discover. The evidence scientists want has to be physical evidence. The science evidence they want has to been seen with the human eyes. Seeing to a scientist is believing there is no faith exercise here. Faith in the scientist’s laboratory has a no show. Faith in God the creator can not be proved by the scientist so they avoid faith in God.

Scientists will discover and discover until they have unravelled all the secrets of the universe. In their unravelling they will also create. Scientists are not satisfied with just knowing the earth and its secrets they want to know all beyond the earth.

Scientists will create human organ parts. But will scientists be able to create humans? We know cloning is possible but is creating humans possible. There is a danger here because in this world there is good and evil. Evil prospers besides good. Dark evil forces lurk around this world doing and breathing evil and destruction. Science is also in the evil hands along side the good hands. Evil will also create. Will evil create weird creatures? Creatures that look part human but be a mix of other creatures of this earth. Say a creature for example with a human head and four dog’s legs.

Such talk people may say is nonsense – “humans will not be able to create creatures”.  I say “why not”? Who is going to stop them? Me? You? “We are more sensible than that” you might say. I say “Yer sure the whole world is sensible”.

God gave a soul to humans and each human born has a soul. Animals, birds, fish and insects to my understanding do not have souls.

If one believes that animals have souls then you better get down to the abattoir and save the cattle from genocide. The fish if they had souls are victims of genocide too. No going fishing for you now you would be committing murder. Remember that when you eat chicken you are eating a chicken that was murdered. Where’s the justice for the chicken? You should go to jail. Then again humans kill humans. But for humans to eat humans is another thing. Because we are in the image of God and have a thinking soul we humans have seldom crossed the threshold of eating each other.

So go ahead eat chicken eat cows eat goats eat sheep but we humans know that to eat human is a big no no. Our soul and spirit will not partake of human flesh or human blood. Humans have eaten human but such humans are most likely guided by demons.

But soul is the eternal part of us [only] humans and does not die. Soul goes either to eternal Heaven [happy bliss] or to eternal Hell [suffering].

Jesus does say “eat my flesh and drink my blood”. The Word became flesh. God is the Word. God is Spirit. So God is not addressing the old human nature here God is addressing our human spirit and soul. The Holy Scripture [the original writings] is essentially God Spirit given. God keeps on saying “Listen to my Spirit”.

Scientists may create humans [What is going to stop them?]. Scientists made test tube babies – no one managed to stop that. What I can not fathom is if scientists create humans – Will God give a spirit and soul to such humans? What if a creature is created that resembles a mixture of creatures on this earth but also has a human head will God give to it a soul. Animals, fish; birds and insects live by instinct they are thoughtless they have no soul they live and survive. If humans are created by scientists they may have no soul and no human spirit. Because other creatures live on with no soul then humans may be able to live on with no soul. I do not know. It is so absurd to think of a living human with no soul and no human spirit. But what are absurd today are tomorrows in thing. Scientists will [they are now] take over from God.

In this life in this world we have humans with science and conscience. Science is knowledge. Conscience is knowledge. Conscience is God given wisdom it tells us what is right and what is wrong. This conscience is within it is spirit and soul domain. Every human has a conscience. People might say – “Conscience is the knowledge Adam and Eve acquired [ate] when they were in the Garden of Eden”. That does not gel with me. Is conscience really the – “The fall of mankind”. The query is – did Adam and Eve have conscience before they ate of the tree of knowledge? It is getting to understand what is this knowledge that caused the fall of mankind? Is this knowledge of the “fall of mankind” the science as we know it today or is it the science within called the conscience? What is destroying this world and planet – is it science or conscience? Or what is going to destroy human life in the future? Science kills and it heals. What will be the cause of the ultimate destruction of life as we know it? Conscience does not kill. Adam had a conscience when Eve asked him to eat of the apple of knowledge. Adam said to Eve “God said not to eat of that tree”. Adam knew it was wrong to eat of the knowledge tree his conscience kicked in but alas he over passed the conscience and ate of the fruit.

We have conscience but do we need science. Conscience to me is good to have. Are scientists really taking over from God? Is science making us more aware of God? Is science helping us in our relationship with God? Is science saving our souls for heaven?

So God must have realised that Adam and Eve would eat of knowledge. God knows all. God sees all. Why put the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden?

Scientists came up with the atomic bomb. Such creations are for mass destruction. Science – is it maturing or evolving? When will science be at the most mature? Answer when it knows as God knows.

Science does not need God.

Conscience fits in with God.

Theologians and those that study God – Do they need science or conscience? The wise man of God in spirit does not want physical manifestations blocking his insight. Spirit to have freedom does not need physical blockages. Insight is in thought and sight. Thinking clearly is to focus on the metaphysical [Beyond the physical] not to focus on the physical. Thinking clearly is to focus on Jesus Christ – think of Him in thought.

Do humans crave for the simple life without science? Live on a deserted Pacific Island. Live out in the desert. Live away from cars and televisions. Live away from all technology. Live away from money. Live away from telephones. Science – Does it go with simplicity? Conscience – it is simple? God is all about simplicity. We humans were created simple we wanted to be wise like God we wanted to know as God knows we want to be as God.

Science is of God’s making. But will it destroy all life some time in the future?

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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