The Fruit of Knowledge

People need to worship a god or in my case God or what we call an idol or other things. People that do not worship the creator God find other things to worship. People end up worshipping the creation. People worship the physical universe. The creator has no place in the hearts and minds of those who want to worship creation. The potter makes a pot he turns it on the wheel cutting in to it making an object of beauty and usefulness. The pot has a use but a use for the potter. It is the potter that is to be worshipped not the pot. The pot is simply a clay vessel. The pot is the creation of the potter and thus the pot serves the potter. Creation is here to serve God the creator.

We in our worshipping something also need to know something. Hey “ignorance is bliss” is not for all. Humans worship God and they know God. We are spirit. We want knowledge. Do we want knowledge of the pot or do we want knowledge of the potter. The pot is simple clay but the potter is the creator God. Do we want to know the creator God or do we want to know the creation? Some people might say – “know God and know creation”. But do we need to know creation if we know the creator God? People talk about – “know thyself”. Can we know thyself if we know creation or can we know thyself if we know God the creator. People might say know God and creation and one gets to know thyself.

My theory or deducted reason is that to know thyself we must be in reflection. If we look in to a mirror in the physical we see a physical reflection of our physical self. We are also human spirit and in spirit how do we get a reflection? There are no spiritual mirrors or are there. If we looked at Jesus Christ we would reflect in our thoughts our true self. To reflect we need to reflect off something very clean. Jesus is all clean He is the perfectly clean Word. We do not have Jesus in this world [He is above in heaven] but we have the Holy Spirit. We also have the Holy Scripture. We in human spirit can reflect off the Holy Spirit. Scripture is useful for reflection but it is not a perfect reflection because of all the translations over the years. The Holy Spirit is perfect. Can we reflect off creation? We humans give off a spiritual light. We are spirit and spirit has light. Some have very bright lights some dim to very dim lights. Light comes from God. If we are close to God we have more of His light. To leave God is to go in to the dark. In reflection we see ourselves because the light we give off reflects back and enables us to see ourselves in truth we realize our true character and what we think. Sin does cloud out the light as sin also clouds out good judgment. The best leader is the one with less sin.

So humans need a deity or idol to worship and they also need knowledge. People do worship and know creation. People worship what God has made.

A contention of mine is that knowing creation will not enable one to know oneself. People will not find God’s will by studying creation. God’s will is in the New Testament of the Bible. Testament means will. Jesus passed away he died he left a will. Yes he came back to life but the will stands.

Science is the new religion – the social and physical sciences. “We will save our planet through science” – people might say. We will study all physical and know physical as God knows. We will study people and know people as God knows. Science is fraught with humanism. Humanism is the atheist’s wisdom. Humanism is about learning the sciences and glorifying mankind not God.   

We must always remember that we are spirit. Spirit is person we are a person in spirit. Spirit sees hears tastes smells spirit has character spirit thinks. We must not avoid our spiritual responsibility to learn in spirit off God and let God save our souls. Human wisdom will not save our souls.

The fruit of knowledge will lead humans to know everything there is to know about creation. Or is it a knowledge that has no ending just as God may have a bottom less cup of knowledge. Does God’s knowledge have an ending?

Mankind’s future:

Man will want to create humans that last a very long time in this physical environment. I do not think that man will want to go on living for ever on this planet or anywhere else in the universe. An idea of humans in the flesh never dying is repugnant to me.

Man will create robots in people’s image. The ideal robots will be ones that can do everything humans can do and do even more than humans can do.

Next up is the hologram. But one better is the hologram that becomes independent of any sort of physical device the hologram that is like a ghost that can be seen. This ghost would think for itself.   

What I am trying to say is that mankind will try and replicate the Father, Son [Jesus], and the Holy Spirit. The robots will be like people but do better than human people and do what Jesus Christ can do. It will never stop until these replicas of God can do everything God can do.

How can man create a ghost or what we call a spirit? Beats me but there will be nothing holding man back from trying to be God and make God. An artificial spirit is so incomprehensible in today’s understanding.

Oneness is the clue to power. Oneness has no parts no parts to break apart. Simplex is power whereas complex is weak. Complex has divisions simplex has no divisions. Simplex is oneness. The artificial spirit and the robot are each strongest when they each have oneness. Even better for strength and power is when the robot and artificial spirit are of the same thinking and power; are separate of each other but are connected to each other.

Next – Create artificially the Father God. When man has accomplished this feat we now have an artificial trinity of God head this God trinity doing and knowing everything that our creator God does and know. Now to create on other planets will it ever stop.

The artificial God trinity three different person entities [Each in the image of humans] but one and the same nature working together two are strong but three is beyond breaking.

Water destroyed this world in the time of Noah. God will use fire next to destroy this world.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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