Humans – All knowing as God knows

New Norcia – Reflections

I was lying down on my bed. I looked at the airconditioner / heater on the wall. People made this conditioner / heater. Did God make it? Not to my knowledge. What did God make if He did not make the conditioner / heater? God made plants; animals; humans; fish; birds and insects. [God is Spirit]. People obviously did not make what God had made. [But] Scientists can now create life. Scientists can create artificial DNA. DNA comprises the codes of life. But back to the conditioner / heater I looked at it and I looked at it. My thoughts were like this – God is one God is not many. God creates in oneness. The conditioner on the wall is made out of many parts. Each part is attached to other parts to make the conditioner / heater. God made his creations in oneness not in parts that are attached together. My human body has not parts attached to other parts. God did not make me in single parts God did not attach such parts together. I was formed in my mother’s womb in an oneness. In my formation no parts were attached to me. My arm was not attached to my shoulder with nails or screws or glue. My hands were not attached to my arm with any nails etc. My kidneys were not made separate from me and added to my inner body or attached to my inner body. The conditioner / heater were made in parts and each part was screwed etc to the other parts. This creation by people is a complex making. Complex is many. The conditioner / heater are complex. Complex is made up of parts we can say parts attached together make up a complex. God does not have attachments God makes only oneness. Oneness is not complex. There is no complex in a creation without parts. Parts are divisions. Parts can come apart. The tree – begins as a seed; the seed grows and becomes a tree. From the seed to the tree with all its branches and leaves is all one. No parts were attached to make the tree. The tree was made by God who creates in oneness not many. Mankind makes complexities. All mankind’s creations are complex. All God’s creations are one. God made the universe – one. Uni means one. Mankind thinks God is complex because mankind sees himself as complex. Mankind creates complex and mankind creating complex thinks God must also make complex. God does not make complex. Should mankind be creating? Mankind wants to create but why? Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden were not creating. God provided for Adam and Eve they were not in want. Mankind is on this race to create and it will not end until mankind has become just like God. “God – don’t believe in him I / we ourselves are God’s [Atheists response]. God belief is for simple people. We are wise we can make what we like”. Adam and Eve were simple people living a life of simplicity in the Garden of Eden. The fruit of knowledge in the Garden of Eden was tempting and makes one God like. The fruit of knowledge made human beings wise. Wise like God. There are no bounds [except one – eternal life] to what mankind can do with this knowledge. Mankind can create humans. Mankind is taking over from God. Mankind will try and do everything God can do.

So we have a computer that can make up the codes for artificial DNA. Knowledge is power – power corrupts. We live in corruptible bodies. Mankind can not make incorruptible human bodies – human physical bodies can not last eternally. That feat to me is only in God’s hands. Mankind will try and make humans that last a long time but in doing this they will cross purposes with God’s own plans. Mankind has free will they partook of the fruit in the Garden of Eden in free will but eternal life is only in God’s hands. Free will for humans was God’s plan.

Why was there a tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden? What was God thinking? Was God deliberately putting temptation before Adam and Eve? Looks like it on face value. Do you want to be wise like God? Do you want to know as God knows? Hey that is tempting.

The tree of knowledge leads to death. There was another tree in the Garden of Eden called the tree of life.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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