Wake Up Sleeper!

We are born of a woman.

But are we awake. We are born in to our parents and ancestors generational sin. In other words my parent’s sin is my sin. If the nest is full of worms they infect us too. If the parents are dirty we are dirty. People say we are what we eat. It could also be said we are a product of our parents. Sins are passed down the generations. We are born in sin. We are born polluted we are dirty from birth. We need spiritual washing. We need to be cleaned. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. God is all clean. If our parents are in darkness we are born in to darkness. It is easier to sin in the darkness – no one sees you sin. That is what we think but God sees all. People want to sin they want to please their fleshly desires.

The children are born in darkness in sin.

So children are born in carnality of the flesh devoid of the God Head. The children are born in lust of the flesh. The body is their god. They worship the body not the God Head. The body rules not the Headship of God.

To walk in the dark is difficult. Hey who hit me? Who’s there? Where am I? Who’s talking to me? Oops I have fallen again. What did I fall over? I can not see. I do not know where I am going. I am so tired I do not understand I am spiritually hungry and thirsty. I need substance for my soul. I am starving. I feel emptiness in my heart like empty of love and care. I want to sleep. I want to dream. I can not cope in the darkness. I am continually stressed out in my body. Who’s attacking me? I am so tired out from trying to defend myself. I can not see my attackers. Life is just too much to take I will sleep and dream and hope that in my sleeping that my problems will go away. My parents are not helping and who are my parents? I feel like I know nobody I feel all alone. Life is too hard I will go to sleep. Dreaming is my own consolation.

Sleeper wake up! Sleeper wake up!  [Soul wake up].

Urr yer who is it?

Wake up!

Go away I am dreaming.

Wake up.

Have you come to destroy me? Go ahead attack me I am too tired to resist. Your words are strong they go right in to me.

I am an emissary of The Lord Jesus Christ.

Who is this Jesus? Just let me dream go away.

I bring glad tidings from The Lord. Jesus is God’s Son.

You won’t attack me?

I bring true love from God your creator.

Sorry I do not understand I know very little I have been sleeping a lot. Have you any food and water.

Drink and eat from the Spirit of God.

Oooh my soul is getting refreshed. I am [soul] awakening. I want more of this food and water.

This is the water of life it will be a fountain in you giving you life if you want. The food is the word of God.

Bring it on.

Do you accept my Lord?

What is his name again?

His name is Jesus Christ.

Yes I accept Jesus Christ.

Wow I am seeing. Who opened my eyes? Where is all this light coming from?

Do you see me?

Yes yes.

I will help you now.

The light is so strong.

You will get used to it over time.

Tell me about Jesus.

Jesus is now with you in Spirit. Jesus will now teach you. I can help too.  Jesus Our Lord took in his body your sins and generational sins and died to all those sins. Jesus died and came back to life he rose in to heaven and lives at the right side of the Father God. Do you believe?

Yes I believe. My soul is awakening more and more.

Your sins are forgiven be clean. Your slumber is over it is now time to serve God.

What are all those?

You mean people.

I see people wow. Will they attack me?

You are safe. God will protect you. Do not sin like your ancestors. They sinned and were cursed. They loved the dark more than the light.

Give me light any day.

So be it.


A lot of people walk around in a dream.  Their souls are maybe half awake or just about all a sleep. These people walk around like zombies not thinking. They are like walking dead. There is not much life in them. They may think hell is on this earth.

Not all children are born in darkness and sin. There are also a lot of children born in the light and in cleanliness.  

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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