What is the Meaning of Life?

First we must understand that life is all about words; words, words, words and more words. What is life without words? What is life without the meaning of words?

We stand on our word. We are our word. We think with words. Words give us meaning. We look for the meaning of life with words. We work for words and words work for us. Words make or break us. Words give life or death.

When a person asks us what is the meaning of life? What does the person want to know? They ask for meaning. What does meaning mean? Meaning means to ask for the purpose it means to ask for what under lays all matter or all that matters. What is the under lying theme or truth that matters to us humans? What makes us tick as humans? Why are we humans here? We are looking for the x factor that is behind all life. The x factor is that factor that is hidden that makes all life tick. We want to know our each individual purpose in life. We want to know what made life and why we are here.

In asking what is the meaning of life? We are asking a question. We are not making a statement. We are not making poetry. We are not writing prose. We are asking a question and questions relate to reason. Reason is about who, what, where, when, why and how. Reason gives us sanity. To lose our reason we lose our sanity. Reason makes us stable. God is a God of reason. God is not without reason. To be reasonable is to be wise. To be of good reason is to be of good wisdom. There are bad reasons as well as good reasons. There is bad wisdom that is related to bad reason and this is related to our foe Satan. Satan our enemy is all for bad reasons. Is Satan insane? He still has reason even though it is for bad reason. We need reason to remain stable even if it is bad reason.

In asking what the meaning of life is we are asking a question a reason question. We are trying to reason with the meaning of life. The meaning of life could be what is the reason for life?

Atheists do not have a religion or a God. They do not believe in a God.

I believe in a God that created all life. I believe that God created all life for a reason. This brings us to what is the meaning of life? If God told us why he created all life we humans would understand better what the meaning of life is.

Atheists believe all life came about by chance. Chance and reason are two different things. Either we live life by chance or by reason. The thinking person should live their life by reason. Chance living to me is erratic and unstable. Living by reason anchors us and gives meaning to our lives. Reason is the main stay of meaning. Reason questions and makes meaningful answers. We humans are curious and we want to know we want to know the mysteries of life and in wanting to know we perceive a creator God behind all existence. Our senses perceive a hidden intelligent creator that reveals himself to us in ways that can not be explained in an empirical way. Scientists demand evidence. We humans have our inner selves and we know in our consciences that there is more to life than just what we see in the physical.

When we ask for meaning of life we can be asking what is behind all life. The answer to a believer is that God is behind all life. The believer has reason. The believer has good reason. Good reason is to be of good wisdom. Wisdom was with God at the beginning of creation. God made everything for a reason.

Why did God make the universe? Why am I here? We address such questions to God.

God made humans for eternal life. He put humans on this earth for a short time. God made a Hell and a Heaven. God made us for his purpose not our purpose. The meaning of life is Gods meaning.

Take young children they love to play with toys. They make believe the toys have personalities. They move the toys around like they are real people. They talk to the toys. Girls are one with dolls and a doll house. God made us for his purpose and for his purpose alone. We creatures are made for God’s enjoyment. God watches over us. We are not toys but we are at God’s mercy and God enjoys it when we obey him. Human children can sometimes be vicious when it comes to playing with toys but God is a God of love. This love of God is often mentioned in the Bible.

In looking for the meaning of life we have to use words. Without words there is no meaning. Without words there is no reason. Reason helps us find meaning. Good reason is of God. God helps us find meaning through words. Reason gives us sanity. The meaning of life is in Gods domain. We are here for God. We play out our life on the universal stage. We are playing for eternity. The outcome of our life depends on whether we are good or bad. If we are good we go to heaven if we are bad we go to hell. God gives meaning to our life. We are simply here preparing for the next life.  

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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