I have over the years or is it months pondered about the question “What happened to kill off all the dinosaurs”?

My thoughts came to me like this. I thought and still think that during the time of dinosaurs the world’s climate was humid to very humid.

To me dinosaurs need a hot humid climate to live in.

In my mind I think of a world in the way past as having a lot of tropical foliage on it and humidity constant in the air.

Humans like you and I are said to be warm blooded because we maintain a relatively constant body temperature higher than the surrounding air.

A lizard, by contrast, adopts the temperature of its surroundings and is said to be cold blooded.

Because dinosaurs are classified as reptiles [Cold blooded], they have been traditionally viewed as cold blooded.

My thinking says – dinosaurs need warm to hot climate to live in. I can only then assume that dinosaurs are warm blooded animals.

We all agree that dinosaurs are not mammals. All mammal species give birth to live young. Mammals nurse their babies. They feed them on the mother’s milk. 

If dinosaurs were warm blooded; does that mean that they need warm temperatures to live in? Say if the temperature got cold to very cold would dinosaurs cope ok? Warm blooded creatures can move faster and abler in warm temperatures enabling them to catch their prey. In cold temperatures warm blooded creatures would have problems catching their prey because their metabolisms would not be as active.

Dinosaurs, to me in the information I have, did not seem to have fur covering. Fur would keep dinosaurs warm in cooler climates. Humans do not have fur so we humans have to cover ourselves up more in cool climates.

If dinosaurs existed in warm climate in the past, why did the dinosaurs die off? One assumption of mine is that the climate of the earth cooled down significantly to warrant the death of all dinosaurs on this earth. How did the earth’s climate cool down? Who knows? Maybe the suns temperature has cooled down in that time. The sun over millions of years could be having temperature loss.

There are still parts of the world that have reasonable high temperatures all year round so why did the dinosaurs not exist in those places? People have talked about ice ages. Did the earth go through an ice age? What happened to the earth to enable an ice age? So did dinosaurs die off in an ice age?

My thinking is that dinosaurs need high temperatures to live in and such I assume dinosaurs are warm blooded. But can not cold blooded creatures live in high temperatures. My assumption is that the earth’s climate cooled down. Cold blooded creatures would survive a cold earth’s climate. So been warm blooded the dinosaurs might not have been able to exist in a cold to very cold climate like an ice age.

Why would dinosaurs be warm blooded creatures? Dinosaurs were to me very active creatures. Cold blooded creatures are slower in motion.

If dinosaurs were warm blooded and died off in the cold then why are warm blooded humans still living? Humans need to keep their body temperature at an even high and they keep warm in colder climates by wearing warm clothing and by making some heating either by fire or some other means. Dinosaurs would not have been able to keep warm in a cold climate. Humans have aptitude that enables them to survive all sorts of problemic situations.

But were humans living during the time of the dinosaurs? It is hard to believe humans living amongst dinosaurs. It would be hard to convince me that humans were living alongside dinosaurs.

Evolution sways heavily to the precept that humans were derived from the apes. Apes they say came in an evolutional chain beginning with a few cells then fish and onwards to apes and humans. Hey my past late [more than late] relative was a bit of slime. Is that why they call some people a slime ball? If humans existed in a pre human state like say ape like they might have existed along side the dinosaurs. But my contention is that humans if evolved did not come via the ape link but came via another link making the ape link another existing chain. Grandad did not come from the apes but from another chain of evolution. The apes also evolved but were a separate chain from humans even though apes have similarity to humans [Or some humans].

Apes to me do not have souls. The soul is the eternal thinking emotional component of mankind. Apes do not go to hell. Dolphins do not go to hell. Elephants do not go to hell. When you look at your pet dog; is it thinking? What is it thinking about? Is it thinking in Japanese or Swedish? Can your pet dog think in English? Or does your pet dog not need a language to think in? Does the dog think in dog language? And what is this dog language can we humans learn to think in it?

Thoughts have to be in a language.

Animals live by instinct they are thoughtless.

So humans have soul. God gave humans soul. Humans live for eternity [Hell or Heaven]. Humans are in the likeness of God.

But are a lot of humans going around in a like dream state. Are a lot of humans like sort of in a wake / sleep mode? Are their souls like in a dream? Hey wake up and learn from God. Jesus Christ lives and speaks the truth.

Wake up sleeper!

The dinosaur debate will go on and on and on until us humans have brought it to a proper closure. We want to know, I want to know, you want to know, we all want to know.

To me God reveals all in good time.  

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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