Reason Gives Validity to Our Existence


1. The basis or motive for an action, decision, or conviction.

2. The capacity for logical, rational, and analytic thought; intelligence.

3. Good judgment; sound sense.

4. A normal mental state; sanity: He has lost his reason.

Reason hones up our thoughts and makes them intelligent. Intelligence is of no use without reason. We must reason to get normality to our thinking. Reason makes sense of what we think. Sense with thinking is nonsense thinking without reason. Reason sharpens our minds up and makes us knowledgeable about God. We can validate our existence with reason. Without reason one may tend to insanity. Animals have senses but do not think but we humans think and we must keep our thinking reasonable or we tend towards insanity. Insanity is thinking that is disordered and irrational. Reason brings order to our thinking. Reason makes one intelligent. Reasons tools are words. Words are where it is at and reason uses the words to make intelligence. Intelligence makes us aware we become aware of whom we are in God. Intelligence brings order to society. Intelligence is of God our maker. God is our over ruling Head and we answer to Him in all our reasoning. Reasoning without God makes one weak spiritually. We must be strong spiritually and carry out God’s will. Forgoing God but keeping reason is not a wise option. Reason comes from God. God is the master of reason.

To reason is to be wise. To be wise is to be sensible. To be sensible is to uphold God’s laws. Wisdom is greater than the law but having wisdom is not a license to break the laws. Wisdom upholds the laws because wisdom made the laws. Wisdom is reason personified. Wisdom and reason are together. With wisdom is insight. Wisdom is bright. There is much light with wisdom. With light comes insight. We see in the light. We do not see in the dark. God is light. God gives the light. Wisdom has light because it is God’s wisdom and God gives to wisdom His light. God loves wisdom.

There is wisdom of this world that comes from the enemy Satan. This wisdom is of the darkness and is not of the light. This dark wisdom tries to beguile the church. It seems this dark wisdom is led by women. Satan knows that he has to rob the man of his God given headship of God. No better to do this than to trap the man with women. Women are not meant to rule the man but Satan can change that. Women ruling a man are unnatural and perverted. God is a God of order and He has placed man over women. Satan knows that man is in charge so Satan tries and robs mans authority. Eve tempted Adam. Satan tricked the woman not the man. In this world Satan makes a lot of use of the women to tempt the men. In this way Satan keeps a hold over men on this earth. We get a world full of perverted people.

The woman sits on the dragon and perverts the world.

God gives His wisdom through His Son Jesus Christ. Jesus is all wise. Been reasonable is been wise. Jesus has all the answers. There is nothing that Jesus does not know. God is a God of reason. God has a reason for everything. Few things are by chance. God made all life for a reason. God made the universe for a reason. God does not make things by chance. God is all knowing and seeing nothing escapes God’s attention. God made the caterpillar for a reason God made the lion for a reason God made the seagull and whale for a reason and so on.

If evolution is true then God created in the first place and creation evolved in to what God wanted and planned. Evolution can be planned out, God is not a God of a few years, time is immaterial to Him. If evolution is true then evolution is only a tool in God’s hands. The DNA and genes in living organisms are played out to God’s plan. Intelligence is behind God’s plans. God is a God of the Word and this Word lives. Intelligence can only exist in words. Instinct of animals has no words to make up intelligence. Without words there are no thoughts without thoughts there is no intelligence without intelligence there is no knowledge.

I do not know if evolution is true or not. I think that such knowledge has not been revealed to the church yet. We can only but wait and hope that God in His time will reveal all.

The dragon is awakening. Where has the dragon been? Sleeping? Will he rally his snakes and make war. If so such a war will be the war of all wars. I just hope that I am not around when that happens.

To be reasonable in the true sense of the word is to be faithful and loyal to God. To leave God is to be disloyal and unfaithful. Reason of God gives us our sanity. God is reasonable. We are living now in an insane world most people are worshipping pagan god’s; gods of money and nature. The world’s people are getting more and more perverted.

Satan must be relishing the way the world is going. There will come a time when Satan will awake and awake up to the fact that the good shepherds in the world are sinning and that these shepherds are in his power. What a calamity the world will be in when Satan gets so powerful and starts warmongering. Satan gets his power when the church and the world sin. The more sin in the church the more power Satan has. God is a God of much love but he also disciplines. God can punish just like any other human father punishes his children.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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