The Bold and the Beautiful – American Soap

Mum I do not want to go.

Get out of the car; you are going.

But Dad I hate church.

You are going and that’s that.


Dad I want to sit at the back.

You will sit where I tell you. Here right in the middle area.

Now quieten down and be like your sister. She’s quiet at the moment.

See children there’s that Evangelist they all talk about.

Ok everyone to the front. He’s calling people to the front who want to be healed.

I do not want to go.

Come on Christine you don’t have to be shy.

Be healed be healed be healed.

[The Evangelist thinking] Come on fall down. He is not falling. Better move on.

[Johnnie thinking] Why is he pushing hard on my head?

[Christine thinking] I had better go down he’s forcing my head. The others went down so I had better save face and go down.

[Father thinking] Why do I have to fall down? It does not make sense.

Be healed. You have a religious spirit sir.

What religious spirit? Where?

[Father thinking] Why did Christine fall and not me?

Come on everyone back to our seats.

Christine wow you were slain in the spirit.

Mum I fell to please the Evangelist. He was pushing me down. I wanted to save face for the Evangelist.

So you did not go unconscious.  

No Mum I was wide awake. Did you not see me straightening my dress when I fell?

Dad I want to go home.

Wait until after the Evangelist has preached.

Psss Mum; why does the Evangelist now call himself a Pastor and an Apostle and a Prophet?

I do not know.

He has many titles; Mum.

Yes son.

Psss Dad; why has the Evangelist only spoken about giving for the past hour?

Just listen son.

I want to go home.

You too Christine.

Mum the Evangelist is saying that I will have holes in my pockets if I do not give a lot of money to him.

What’s that noise coming from a lot of people here?

It’s tongues son.

What are tongues?

They are speaking from a spiritual gift.

It’s not helping me whatever it is.

Ok everyone let’s go home it is finished.

About time I was getting bored of it all.

His wife looks pretty.

That’s his trophy wife.

I saw his BMW car outside earlier. He’s certainly not short of a penny.


In my life I have attended many Pentecostal churches. Just as I have attended many Traditional churches. I have found no church that I feel absolutely great to be in. There is always something amiss I see in churches. My relationship with the church is like my relationship with my wife we have good days and we have bad days. Nothing is perfect. It’s the putting the work in to the relationship that helps alot. True love only comes through God all other love is false.  So there has to be a commitment to the church and to work at that commitment. I personally prefer the Traditional model as I see it as been more stable. 

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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