We humans can think but can animals think

Can fish, birds and insects think?

Humans are sapient. Sapient is to be wise but to be wise one must think. One can not be learned about life unless one contemplates life and thinks life through.

Thinking can be as like sifting through the complexities of life and making such complex things simple. Sifting is as like discerning looking intently at and using such insight to break up all complexes in to small simpler things thus making things more understandable. Complex is just that complex and confusing. Complex is many whereas simplex is one. Complex has attachments whereas simplex has no attachments.

We humans were formed in the mother’s womb as an oneness. Our formation in the womb did not consist of limbs or organs been separately attached to our bodies. Nothing was attached to us in our formation we were made as one whole. The universe was formed in an oneness with no attachments. Uni stands for one.

God has no attachments He is all simplex. God is not a complex.  

We can come to the query – are humans animals? We believe that we humans are not fish, bird or insects but are we animal. When I think of this I think of soul. The query here is – do animals have a soul? We humans believe we have soul. Oops; not all humans believe they have a soul we must also realise that there are people that do not believe in a soul or for that matter there are people who do not believe in spirit. Soul is defined as the eternal part of us humans and to speak about such things is obnoxious to the non believer. Soul to the non believer is about a supreme God and to them God talk is nonsense talk.

Not too long in the past we had a student of a university a student with a doctorate degree she was studying an animal in this case an ape. The ape was kept at the university no doubt a prestigious university. This student had studied this ape for many years you could say like 5 years. The student, let us call her a doctor, was trying to teach the ape the English language. There was great media coverage of the doctor’s activities and she was included in a television documentary. What angers me about this doctor’s activity is that to me it is all such a waste of time and resources. Such activities cost much money and time. In a lot of cases money comes from the tax payer and it’s the public that is paying for all this. The ape was an animal and an animal can not learn words because it has no soul to learn them with. But a parrot may speak words but there is no soul behind the words the parrot says. It seems every say like 6 or 7 years a doctorate student tries to teach apes a language. They think they will make a break through and become famous. Now we would expect a doctorate student to have a lot of sense such a student must have a lot of intelligence well they have the highest degree they must know a lot. But sadly they have not worked out that humans are the only ones with souls.

The difference between humans and animals is that humans have souls and animals do not. We humans are not animals. Animals are not humans. Animals can not think. The soul is where we think from. Soul goes on to eternity. We can save souls of humans for eternal life but we can not save souls of animals for eternal life because in an animal there is no soul to save. Animals have a brain but having a brain does not automatically mean having a soul. Do animals go to heaven? Do fish and birds and insects go to heaven? Do you want to see cockroaches and spiders in heaven? Do you want to see snakes and elephants in heaven? Do you want to see dogs and cats in heaven? In heaven do we talk to dogs and they talk back? Do we converse with dolphins in heaven? No humans only go to heaven. Humans and not dogs and not cats and not spiders are in the likeness of God.

Why are not preachers preaching salvation to say the apes in say Africa? Hey will the apes go to hell. How can an ape go to hell when it has no soul to go to hell?

God is the WORD and He gave the WORD only to humans.

The student doctor making me angry because she wasted all those fruitless years and at the end of her research she had nothing to show for it.

Let the apes be animals and let us humans go on been human.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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