Too much or too little — get the balance


Yes miss.

Wake up!

Sorry miss I just nodded of for a bit.

Do you even know what class this is?

Yes miss; religious instruction class.

Do I have your attention now?

Yes miss.

Walters because you think that you can sleep while I am teaching this class you come forward and explain to the class about the subject “the saints”.

What about the saints miss?

Explain about the saints for example why does the Roman Catholic Church adulate them?

Miss the saints of the church are set up as role models.

Keep going.

The saints lived lives that were full of prayer and good works.

Rogers you have your hand up.

Miss my dad said that the saints tried too hard in pleasing God.

Too hard; explain.

My dad said that the saints of the church did too much in a shorter time. The saints tried to be too wise.

How can one be too wise?

Well miss my dad explained it like this; in life one grows wise in aging. As one gets older one learns more and experiences life and learns right and wrong. This getting wisdom is a gradual thing to most people. The saints were destroying themselves by trying to attain a lot of wisdom in a short time span. Wisdom should come gradually with time. To get wise one has to be disciplined. Discipline is a tool of wisdom. Discipline is obeying God’s will. Discipline is being a disciple/student of God. But wisdom is a growing thing just as a plant takes time to grow. The church saints tried too hard and in their hardness their bodies suffered too much and these saints died at an early age. The righteous people grow in wisdom. God has no favourites. So growth comes from God not from man’s endeavours. No doubt the saints lived exemplary lives. Take models that walk the cat walk. These ladies try to slim their bodies down so much that they look like they are starved of food these ladies over do such dieting. The lure of wealth and fame through modelling is destroying their bodies. Just as for the saints the lure here of wanting to please God is also destroying the saint’s bodies. So my dad says that a key in life is to live in moderation. Don’t try to be too wise but try to be wise and do not live foolishly. My dad also says that it is better to be wise than to be a fool.

Miss; can I sit down.

Sorry Walters you can sit down. Rogers your father sounds like he is a learned man.

Miss he never had much schooling.

Well there’s the bell. Class dismissed; until next time.


It must be pointed out that I have often read books about the Catholic saints and have often been inspired by the saint’s lives. Such saintly lives are not for everyone but for the few. I am not one to advise such a rigorous life I am one more for moderation. Life in this world to me is a short one and such a life to me is to prepare for the next life. We are preparing for the eternal life. The wise people prepare for heaven and the foolish people prepare for hell. It is that simple.

Also I do not disrespect the Catholics for holding their saints in such high adulation. No offence meant.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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