Nature Worship

When we humans leave the worship of God our creator we can tend to worship nature. Well it seems in spirit we have to worship something. We can make nature our God.

It is like worshipping our bodies and not the head. Hey the brain is in the head not in the body. There is a head and a body. So we try to commune with nature. Remember we are spirit. Does nature have spirit – not to my knowledge? So we give up communing with our creator God to commune with nature [commune with the physical not with the Spirit of God]. This communing is from our human spirit. Can we do both; commune with God and commune with nature. God made nature it is his creation. God wants communion to be with him.

If a man has children and he makes many things say things like televisions; computers; cars and so forth. Does the man want his children to commune with his manmade objects? No the man wants his children to commune with him. Manmade objects are just that objects and not to be communed with.

God made creation and wants mankind not to worship and commune with his creation but to worship and commune with him God. If we worship nature – creation – we end up worshipping each other human to human. We make Gods out of each [human] other. We give up natural worship for unnatural worship. We pervert our human spirit we change something natural for something unnatural. Pervert is to cause to turn away from what is right, proper, or good. So we are turning away from our creator. We become a people of perverts. The God head is just that a head but with God in it. We call the God head the Father God the Son God and the Holy Spirit. Now people might say that there are degrees of perversion depending on how much a person has drifted away from God. Alot of people in today’s climate seem to have some sort of perversion. Perversion means not serving the God head.

We must work with our hands working as if we were working in the garden of God. Our hands were given to us by God to work with. We have a garden to attend to, the garden of our minds and hearts. We serve the God head by sowing reaping and weeding. The God head is in charge. We work in words. There are words that are weeds. There are good words and there are bad words. Working with our hands we pull the weeds out. Words are the crops we sow in word and we reap in word. But to have a garden with good crops we need to use God’s Word. The Words of God are the good seeds. We sow and reap a Godly mind. God is like a plough in our hearts we use God to plough up the ground as we plant the Words of God in the soil of the heart. God is in our heart. That’s if we have invited Him in. God is the Spiritual plough doing all the hard work. We hold on to God and we plough the soil our hands at the plough.

But we should be in the right field. God gives to each of his chosen children a field to work in where the God Spirit in the heart works in. To work successfully in all this sowing and reaping is to find what field [vocation] one should be working in. So we are only really successful in our works when we know God’s will and we do it. To find God’s will can only be discerned spiritually. The will of God is in our human spirit. To find it within our spirit we have to be spiritually connected up to God who we hope in time will reveal that will. We may never discover that will or we might only discover parts of that will. The flesh often gets in the way of God’s will. Idolatry as does any unGodly thoughts and actions get in the way of God’s will.

So to sow to bad seed means reaping a bad crop. We work with our hands to work with God’s Word. To work with any other word is to make a perversion. God can not be mocked. He made our bodies for His use not for any other use. Take the ants they know what they should do. Take the bees they know what they should do. So it goes on even other life know what to do why should mankind not know what to do. Humans have been given free will and a number of humans freely do not obey God their creator. We are free to obey or disobey. We were created in God’s likeness so to turn away from God we suffer the consequences. God can not be mocked.

We get a big arty festival, lots of so called culture, art work on display, but the whole show fizzes out. It seems that the whole show was a lot of people air. Like a hot air balloon there is no substance to it. The festival loses heaps of money. The whole event was manmade with out the God Head been glorified a nature loving event where the bodies of people were glorified over and above the God head. To make an event credible one has either to use it to glorify the God Head or the arch enemy of God – Satan. Yes Satan is the nemesis of the church of Jesus Christ and Satan has power while he is on this earth. Is Satan credible; he tries to be? People do worship Satan so Satan has many followers. But the arty festival is like wind of no proper sustenance and creates the airy fairy notion. Man creates art work then puts it on show for people to worship it. People buy the art work and hang it on their walls at home. But the hungry starving people in third world countries have no time to think about buying and displaying art work. So the starving definitely would not be attending some arty festival. They would be booted out as undesirables.

So we get arty farty, alot of empty rhetoric, wind that is distasteful, makes a sound and fizzes out.

So we must work for God to keep any semblance of sanity. Sanity is about sanitation. Sanitation is about keeping the waste out. So nowadays we get alot of constipated people. The waste is not been properly got rid of. Just as we have mind over matter. The mind is our thinking. We in our mind must keep the bad thoughts out. To do this we have hands to work with. We also have the Word of God to help us. We may ask; is one insane if one leaves God. I ask is it insane to be a pervert. So how do we keep the waste out; we work for God our creator. Our sanity comes with doing the right thing and thinking the right thing. Sanity is been wise in God. Wisdom of God is all about been sane.

So in God with working with our hands and reaping a Godly mind we also reap a strong heart. Perversion only leads to a weakening of the heart. This I mean is the spiritual side of us in the heart. Our human spirit is in our heart. We must educate our human spirit with God’s truth. God’s truth gives strength to our human spirit.

So are we getting rid of the waste – the physical waste and the spiritual waste. Spirit [human] is based on word or Word. We must get rid of the waste otherwise we can go insane. Sanity is also to do with cleanliness. Cleanliness is to do with Godliness. We must keep hygienically clean. We like our bodies to be clean and we like our minds to be clean. Both physical and mind cleaning go hand in hand. We get the saying “mind over matter”. Mind seems to be in charge of matter. That is mind of God. So we have first a clean mind then we have a clean body. ‘We think therefore we are”. Our thoughts are what / who we are. We think perverse thoughts we are perverse.

Thinking perverse means a turning away from God.

To reiterate – communing with our God is to commune from our spirit with God Spirit. To commune with nature is to commune with the physical. Nature is not a person God is a person. Nature does not have sight it can not listen it does not taste it does not smell nature has no senses. God is a God of senses. To worship the physical dulls our senses. Our human Spirit was created to worship God Spirit. We do not worship our physical bodies. We do not worship the stars or the planets. Nothing physical is to be worshipped. We are spirit and we worship Spirit. People do worship evil spirits and they are the worse of for it. It is not clever to worship evil spirits it is clever to worship God.  

Jesus Christ was the Word [Of God] that became flesh. If people worshipped Jesus Christ it means they would be worshipping Jesus flesh death [death to sins] and also worshipping Jesus flesh resurrected eternal life. There is a mystery here – Is Jesus [who lives now] still in the flesh in his risen state? We would like to think so. That would mean that in the second coming of Christ the saved humans will also be resurrected in the flesh and rise in the flesh to live eternally in the heavens. Jesus in his resurrected state [After His death] ate physical food proving that he was in the flesh. Doubting Thomas touched Jesus side proof that Jesus was not a ghost. Thomas touched flesh.  

So to worship Jesus in the flesh is ok. He came in the flesh and went in the flesh. We are to worship no other physical object. We are not to worship what God has made. God is the God Head and the Head is in charge. Nature is not in charge. Mother Nature is not in charge she serves the Father God above. The mother serves the Father. Ruling comes from above not from below. This is the divine order of things and to change it is to pervert to turn away from what is natural to what is unnatural.

People might say we worship Mother Nature and Mother Nature has spirit. Mother in a human way in a family has spirit but is her spirit to be worshipped and communed with. The father in a human way in a family gave the physical seed to produce the offspring. The seed grows up. True it also grows down too. So the offspring of the seed are planted in Mother Nature and its roots grow down in to her but there is the growing upwards to the father. Mary Mother of Jesus did not give the seed she also does not give the spiritual seed. Spiritual seed comes from the Father and the Son. The Mother does not give the spiritual seed.  Seed always comes from the male human in the physical and the spiritual sense. The Father God and His Son Jesus are both male and givers of seed. They give the spiritual seed the Word of God. We live for the spiritual, as in spirit is life, in Spirit is eternal life. We look to the father for growing up but to stay rooted and stable in the ground we depend on the mother. The mother grounds us just as the mother church grounds us. Both mother and father are needed for spiritual maturity. To grow up we need to grow down and vice versa.

We need Mother Nature as we need the Father above. We humans are very unique we are in the likeness of God the creator.   

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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