“I do not believe in God the bastard”

The above phrase can be likened to what a person of an atheist persuasion might say. An atheist has no God. God is the Father. You could say God is the Father Spirit. Does an atheist person have a God Father; obviously not. The atheist judges God as a bastard. Everything is reflected off God. The saying “judge and you will be judged”.

God been a bastard; obviously not. The atheist a bastard; well he/she say they have no Father God. Atheism is a term based around religion it means having no God. It can be a spiritual term because we know God is Spirit. The bastard is born out of wedlock. His/her parents were not married in the eyes of the Law. Some call such a child a love child. He she was not born legally in the sight of the Law. What Law? Obviously not “man’s” Law. It can only be God’s Law. So the atheist is born out of wedlock in God’s Law.

We get a person denying God but at the same calling him a bastard. The atheist contradicts him/her self. The atheist in reflection off God sees him/her self as a bastard.

If the parents of the atheist were legally married in the sight of God and produced an atheist child one can only presume that the atheist child became a bastard by giving up his/her parents and cutting him her self of from their lineage. Cutting all ties from the parents and becoming of themselves a bastard a thing of their own making. No parents, therefore they are a bastard child. A bastard child not connected to Father God has no inheritance from Father God.

So atheism is a person without a god or God. So we have a person here without a parent or parents in spirit or Spirit.

To ask an atheist person do you believe in God the perfect answer would be “God who”. This answer straight away means that the atheist person has never denied God because that person never understood or knew of God. The atheist person seems to be a person that denies God a God they once knew. The atheist person in denying God also recognises a God. To be a pure non believer in God or a god would mean that the atheist would not have to deny any God or god. They would not have to challenge those that believe in God because the pure atheist has nothing to challenge in their conscience or heart. Why challenge a belief that does not exist in their hearts and minds. We in life are humans that think, so if we do not think of something then it is not there to think about. But the atheist seems to be on this war path of having to continually deny any God or gods. They are on this path of having to justify their unbelief. It is a life that takes up alot of their energy. And they also try to team up with fellow atheists to reinforce their unbelief. Their atheism becomes a continual contradiction to their true selves and they live like a lie.

What makes a person become an atheist? Usually it cuts to the chord when an atheist is confronted with his/her relationship with their own human parents. There may be a rift that gets wider down the generations of a family. The rift starts with sin and the sin down the generations gets wider making a big chasm that divides children from their God. We can call this generational sin. Atheism is prone to begin with people who deny the true God to believe in what we call humanism. Intelligent people fall for humanism more than those weaker in intelligence because they can think up their own knowledge. They become wise in themselves apart from God. They are esteemed in the world by worldly people because they can put their thoughts in to words and writings and thus they become what people call learned and wise. They know the laws of the land they know commerce they are the worlds noble beings. They do not bother with the wisdom of Jesus Christ as written in the Bible. They live for the world and of the world. They put heavy loads on people’s backs and they do not help them carry them. They do not save peoples souls for heaven. Such people lead others as like over a cliff maybe a cliff to Hell.

So a bastard was born out of wedlock. The child is illegitimate born illegally in the sight of God. Humanism is a wisdom born and lived apart from Jesus Christ Son of God. The atheist person lives apart from God and apart from God’s wisdom. The atheist person has made up their own wisdom.


1. A child born out of wedlock.

2. Something that is of irregular, inferior, or dubious origin.

3. Slang A person, especially one who is held to be mean or disagreeable.

4. Born of unwed parents; illegitimate.


1. Against the law; illegal.


1. A system of thought that rejects religious beliefs and centers on humans and their values, capacities, and worth.

4. The study of the humanities; learning in the liberal arts.

5.  A cultural and intellectual movement of the Renaissance that emphasized secular concerns as a result of the rediscovery and study of the literature, art, and civilization of ancient Greece and Rome.

6. Born out of wedlock.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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