Whatcha up to?

Minding my own business.

Want a bite.

No thanks.

Why not?

It will only spoil my dinner.

Come on just a little bite.


Come on; chicken!

Look Eve darling; did not God say not to eat the apples.

Yes, but snaky said they are great to eat.

Great to eat!!

Yer; great.

Why great?

Because we will see what God sees.

Why will we see what God sees?

Snaky told me.

Ok then; give me a bite.

Take a couple of bites.

No! one will do.

Hey the apple has got caught in my throat.


Where’s snaky?


He might be able to help. The apple bite won’t go down.

Hello my children; God here.

Hello God.

What’s wrong? Why are you hiding behind that bush? Come out I want to see my children.

No God.

Why not my children?

We have sinned.

Yes I see.

Snaky tricked us.

For punishment Adam, you will not be gardening any longer in my own garden. From now on you will garden out there in the wild garden. Also there will be a sign to all following generations. The bite of the apple will be on show. It will be called the Adams Apple. The Adams Apple will be a visible warning to all generations showing the disobedience that you Adam and you Eve caused me (God).

You were the apple of my eye but not any longer.

Go; leave my presence.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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