The Head Rules the Body Submits

The head rules the body.

Tho body submits to the head.

The head must rule the body must not rule.

The head has the brains. The brain is the head of the nervous system. Nerves make up an elaborate system been in all parts of the body. The nerves are the chemical electrical system of the body and head. The brain and spinal cord are the central nervous system.

The brain sends the messages via the nervous system to all parts of the body. By abusing this system of the brain been the central control we can get a nervous break down. The body must submit to the electrical messages coming from the brain. The brain must be in control and not the body. The body can go out of control if the body is ruled by its desires. The body has needs and the brain knows this and the brain will send messages via the nervous system to provide for these body needs. To indulge the bodies wants is going against the brain. The electrical system the nervous system can break down after abusing the system.

The head must rule and not the body. God is not a God of wants. God is a God of needs. The church of God is provided with its needs not its wants.

Don’t let the body rule. Letting the body rule will corrupt the brain. The brain has the intelligence. This intelligence draws its information from the senses. The intelligence gained from the senses is reasoned and thought out [In the brain]. The brain uses this intelligence to make wise judgments and sends the appropriate signals down the nervous system. The body responds to these signals from the brain by behaving according to the dictates of the brain.

We must honour the head. The body does not need honour. The body serves the head. The head needs the body. The body needs the head. Male humans must not have long hair – that is to dishonour the head. Male humans have the head of Christ Jesus. Jesus Christ is to be honoured. The body must honour the head. The church of God has Jesus Christ as its head. Jesus submits to the Father God. Female humans are to submit to their husband’s headship. The husband has the head of Christ. The wife is as the body. The wife must not shave her hair off – this is a disgrace and dishonours her husband. The wife’s hair is to be long enough so as to be a covering over her own head thus exalting the head of her husband. If the husband dishonours Jesus Christ he is dishonouring his head.

The man may rule from his body and a man ruling the body of a woman from his body is unnatural. Men to rule from their bodies sometimes try and make their bodies super strong sometimes building up their muscles and looking like super physical strong men. They are not honouring the head here.

The head has intelligence that is made up of words. The head has senses and it is better to have the head ruling and bringing the body in to submission to the head than making the body rule and bringing the head in to submission to the body. Mind over matter the mind the soul the brain ruling the body. Mind is the word of the soul. Words are where it is at for the soul mind and brain. To discipline our selves we use spirit and spirit is our human spirit which is in our heart. Human spirit yokes to God’s Spirit and then we feed the soul mind brain the true spiritual food.

We feed the physical body and we feed the brain soul spiritual food. God is Spirit. Spirit of God is life. Physical food is needed but physical dies out soul is eternal. Saving our souls is where it is at. Saving our physical bodies is not an agenda that is possible [Unless there is a physical bodily resurrection at the second coming of Christ]. Every body dies dust to dust ashes to ashes. So it is sensible to rule from the head. Senses are in the head. It is sensible to use the senses and make judgments according to what information we get from the senses.

Ruling from the body – we must ask – what senses are we using in this ruling? The body does not have the senses [Is touch a sense of the body?]. The eyes, nostrils, ears and taste buds are in the head. If we rule from the body what information is the body getting to help rule. The body needs the head with its senses.

So ruling from the body is not sensible there is no sense to be sensible here. Sensible is using the senses it is using all the God given senses thus we use common sense. Common sense is using all the senses. If we sin; according to the bible what sin is; we can bring darkness in to our body. Darkness is where sin is. There is a spiritual body inside our physical body.

In this life on this earth we are preparing for the next life. The scout motto is “Be prepared”. The scout motto is so true of life we are to be prepared. We are preparing for heaven. Those that do not prepare do not care they do not have faith in God they might be called fools. The wise people prepare for the future.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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