Mission out of control

Mission control are you there.

Mission control here, go ahead Stargazer.

Stargazer here, we are now in position [In outer space]. We will now empty our [Live human] load.

Go ahead Stargazer.

Mission accomplished mission control.

Come home Stargazer over and out.

Will do mission control over and out.

[Back at mission control]


Yes Wills.

Is it morally right to murder all these people? It reminds me of what I read in the history books. Apparently there was this so called Nazi regime in Germany in the middle 1900’s. They killed people by gassing them.

Wills you must remember that what we are doing is for the greater good. We must remove all semblance of disease or illness on this planet.

But sir is there not another way that we can accomplish removing disease.

Making people that have no disease or imperfections is our only recourse.

But sir in the past men and women copulated and the women gave birth.

Wills you certainly have been reading. Where do you get these books from?

I found them at a museum sir.

You should not clutter up your mind with such antiquated ideas.

But sir can we not learn from history.

Yes but remember we have to obey the authorities so no more talk like this or we might be reported and our fate might be the same as those put in space.

Ok sir.

[Wills is back at the dormitory speaking to his friend Roger]

How did it go today Wills?

Ok and not ok.

Oh something wrong at work.

I just feel that what we are doing is wrong.

What’s wrong?

Killing people.

Killing who?

You know the non clones.

Oh that and I thought that there was something really wrong.

Its murder.

No its not. The non clones carry disease and imperfections. We must kill them for the common good.

But I read that in the past that they had what is called sex.

Oh that Wills. Yes I heard something about that. Sex carried diseases it had to be stopped. We clone now and we are far better off now because of it. Eventually our planet will be clean of all the non clones.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness but surely mankind might go too far.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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