Jesus came to serve not to be served

The world loves to slot each person in to place of rank and status based on position / location and money. This so called ranking and status is not based on Jesus Christ. It is purely Mankind’s wisdom and most likely is based on our common foe the Devil.

So what does position mean? I write the meaning from a dictionary as follows:

(1) A place or location.

(2) Social standing or status; rank.

(3) A post of employment; a job.

So when a person meets a stranger for the first time and they introduce themselves to each other both persons are out to see what each other/s position/rank is. Position in this case is the person’s job/vocation. Real estate is also about location; location and location. Position is also about location. Real estate is also about money. Position is also about money. Money ranks a person. Money is tied up in to all this because people that promote position are in to loving money. They say money makes the world go around; which obviously is not a true statement. It is not even a good metaphorical statement. So when we meet a stranger we want to know their position; then we will have a good idea of their monetary worth then we can rank them. Ranking is the pecking order. We are recognised according to rank and our rank is the amount of authority and prestige we have in the world. How did position come about? I would say that money was and is behind position. This is the love of money. So according to the bible we love one master and hate the other master. We can not have two masters. We love God and hate money or we love money and we hate God. Money is about rank and status. People say that money talks, again a wrong statement. It is not the money that talks but the people who have the money that speaks. The world listens to the rich people. Why? People want worldly riches. In the animal kingdom they have their rank or pecking order based on physical strength. In the human world rank/status/pecking order is based on money. The more money or riches we have the more status/rank we have.

So how can one find out a persons rank/pecking order? Their location or position can reveal this information. In real estate we can also know a persons status by looking at the house of a person. That is why real estate is all about location, location, location.

So a job/vocation reveals status. What is Gods will about position etc? Jesus taught not to respect position. Jesus hates love of position/rank. Jesus teaches that all mankind is equal. He did not teach that ‘All people are equal but some are more equal than others’. Jesus has never judged a person according to what they have in material possessions. So Jesus treats the beggar and the rich person equally. Jesus also says “It is as hard for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man/woman to get in to heaven”.

So we are to serve as Jesus taught us. The ones that are greatest in the kingdom of God are the ones that serve. The greatest person is the one that serves all. God’s kingdom is not of this world. God’s kingdom is within. “What profit it a man/woman to gain everything of the world and lose his/her soul?” We are to give up everything in this world so that we gain/save our souls to live for eternity. We learn to love and save our souls; not to love and save worldly riches.

Ask a 90 year old person about position. Ask a 5 year old person about position. We can learn from the elderly as well as from the young. People fight for the spoils of war.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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