True Vocation

I see in my minds eye that true vocation stems from our human spirit. It is easy to think that we are mind and body. Soul in today’s secular teaching is called the mind. Worldly people try to avoid the word soul as it has traditionally been linked to the Christian religion. We as Christians talk about saving peoples souls. Saving peoples souls to a great number of worldly people is nonsense talk. Intelligence and beauty can be a hindrance to finding and doing God given vocation.

Most people in this world from my perception are not in their true God vocation. In my thinking the best time to find ones true God vocation is when one is young and still innocent of the worlds evil and sins.  

Why would intelligence be a hindrance to vocation? You would think that intelligence would be a catalyst and good for vocation. But it is not. Vocation in my minds eye is set. Set in spirit. God set vocation in our human spirit. It is up to us individually to find what that vocation is. Our vocation can only be spiritually discerned. We need insight and plenty of it. To wander of in to the realm of the sins of the flesh only makes it harder and more complicated in finding Gods vocation. But aside from the flesh making it difficult for us to have insight it is also intelligence too that obscures ones view of his/her vocation. Vocation may be linked in to intelligence. Intelligence could be called ability and each vocation has it set God given ability. Schooling is linked in many ways to intelligence. Those students that have higher intelligence are better of at learning than the less intelligent students. Those students of high intelligence may if their school record is good aim for vocations that are highly paid. These students might miss out on their true vocation because they are focussed too much on their intelligence. These students might during their schooling heap up many qualifications therefore they have their pick of vocation. But in doing so they might also be influenced by money. Merely having high ability does not mean that one finds their true God given vocation. Intelligent people can miss vocation just as much as lower intelligent people.

When people are young two things stand out to them. One is intelligence and two is beauty. Young people covet beauty and intelligence. They preoccupy themselves with trying to look good and trying to achieve qualifications. People with intelligence and good looks are looked up to. They are the ones looked at as been sure of success in this world. So we miss vocation because we are looking in the wrong direction. Looking at looks and intelligence is wrong. Vocation as I said is in spirit. Spirit is in heart. We have to get to the heart of the matter. Life whelms up from the heart. So vocation is not necessary in looks or intelligence. Vocation is at the heart of the matter. The heart is a real organ of the body. There within lies the truth. Truth is in spirit. We need to bring out that truth. Truth is simple. We need to apply simple truths to get simple truths. Live a simple life. Give ones soul simple food to eat. The heart has human spirit so feed the human spirit the simple food of Gods message [food] from the Holy Scripture. The soul needs simple food so feed it plain truth. To live a simple life means just that; simple. To live simply is not to be cluttered up with worldly things. Do not covet material things. Do not pursue money and status. Live as one needs to. Leading a simple life and keeping ones thoughts simple [pure] makes one better able to find true vocation.

Children who grow up in a loving Godly home are more likely to know their God given vocation. But in later years they might miss their vocation because of sin. Sin means “miss the mark”. Children are more – simple like – but on getting older they mature and get wiser but this wisdom does not necessary mean it is Gods wisdom.

The world is full of wisdom. Books flood the market each year written by this guru and that guru telling their so called wisdom. Over the latter part of this last century there has been an explosion of communications accessible to just about everyone. In the way past wisdom was spoken about as wisdom from the east or wisdom from the west. Now wisdom is coming from just about every nook and cranny. So whose voice do we listen to? Maybe listen to the voice that does not ask for money. The guru’s of this world are teaching their wisdom for money. There may lay a valuable truth.

There is a better way to find true vocation. Matthew chapter 22 verses 37 to 39.

[37] “Jesus replied: ” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ [38] This is the first and greatest commandment. [39] And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself ‘.

We can reach vocation through simplicity of thought and deed. We may miss vocation because of pride in our intelligence and pride in our looks. The truth is that there is a Godly vocation for all of Gods children.


We humans have a human spirit.  In human spirit we have our vocation what we may call God’s calling for our lives. Our human spirit is in our heart. We compete in our human spirit with our flesh. There is the old nature flesh that wars with our human spirit to lead. God in his mercy gives to the saved persons his Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit yokes itself to our human spirit. We learn from the Holy Spirit God’s will for our lives in our human spirit. We in our human spirit learn to be like the Holy Spirit. This takes time. The Holy Spirit is our teacher. In our God given vocation we have the amount of God given ability to help us do the vocation. We can go and train from other humans in this God given vocation but our thinking and understanding is aligned with the vocation so we are been taught by people what we already have in our hearts. Saving souls is about converting the soul. In our salvational grace we in our soul have the soul of God. People might call it the mind of Christ. Sin works against true vocation. We must put aside the lusts of the flesh and pursue spiritual Godly endeavours. In other words sow to good things in the human spirit. God coming in to our hearts does not mean that we in our human spirit just forgo our human spirit. No we are still human spirit as a saved person but we in our human spirit learn from God Spirit. People who are in to true God vocation might say that they have the mind of their vocation. People who are in to true God vocation might even have the looks of their face that fit in to the mould of their true vocation. In other words they look like their vocation. This looking like ones vocation is not a beauty thing of the flesh but a looks seen from soul and spirit. It is a perceived look. 

We miss our true vocation so easily. Our own parents might be at fault here. Our parents encouraging their children in to vocations where there is say lots of money. Our parents might have missed out on their true vocation and this does not help their children. Sin gets in the way of our seeing hearing smelling tasting and touch. Our senses are needed to find our sensible true Godly vocation.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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