The Tanning and High Heels Delusion

The sun is out.

Yes it’s that time around again.

Look at you all dressed up for the show. As soon as spring shows even a glint of sunshine you say summer is near at then on goes the show.

What show?

Certainly not a boyscouts gangshow you would be better to offer your services to a glitzy woman magazine where you can get paid.

Get paid for what?

Get paid to show off your flesh.

Hey I am no male whore.

There is this woman I know a very close relative of mine. Most of her life she was infatuated with her legs. She was not really in true love with her legs and had no fetish of them but she was so consumed in making her legs presentable in the way she wanted. This woman worked in an office 5 days a week. When summer came or when spring showed the hot sun this woman spent heaps of time and a fortune trying to make her legs brown in colour. She used her private sun lamp often. She used heaps of rub on tans. She would be in the sun in the weekends sunbathing. It was as if her life depended on keeping a good tan. See this woman like most women working in offices in the warm weather wear dresses and in the heat they are obviously encouraged not to wear stockings. It was like not cool to wear stockings in the warmer seasons. What makes this woman’s demise worse is that as she got older it became more difficult to keep an even good tan on her aged skin.

Sounds like this woman had a hard time.

I have more. There is another close relative of mine who also was consumed in getting and keeping a good even tan on his body. Every spring / summer there he was each weekend bathing in the sun often for hours at a time. He had to get this tan.

Sounds like me.

I ask myself all this tanning did it start in our parents time or did it come earlier. Like were grandad and grandma often sunbathing? I in thinking of my grandparents think not. But if they were tanned it was because they were working outside. They had to work hard they had no time to be sunbathing. Life in those days was harder and money was short. Is there a spirit behind this entire mind boggling tanning? I first do not think that it is God’s Spirit that has manifested this out pouring of humanity in to pursuing golden tans. If there is a spirit behind all this then I say it is of evil. Tanning has become a delusion. People have fallen for this lie.

Hey tanning is cool.


It looks good.

But why does it look good? High heels on woman may look good to you but is it really good. High heels another delusion that people have fallen for. What is wrong with white skin and platform shoes?

Some people say that we get vitamin D from the sun.

But are all these sun worshippers thinking of the vitamin D when they are sun bathing.

I would say not.

I rest my case. Our parents fell for a delusion and we as their children also inherited this delusion.

Perversion has got a hold on humans it has seeped in to all parts of human society. The human race is getting more perverted over time. Perversion means a turning away from God our creator. Human life has become about the creation rather than the creator. Humans are worshipping humans. There is no God they say we are the Gods they say. Humans are getting more and more in to unnatural love. Tanning seems to be one result of humans worshipping humans. The sun is above and so humans try and worship things above in the physical. Humans try and build tall buildings that reach high they think attaining physical height is godly. People worship the stars and other physical identities in the heavens but all in vain. It is not about worshipping physical things here on earth or in the heavens such pursuits are all a waste of time.

So tanning is idol worship. It is skin deep and has no soul. It is aligned with spirit but not with God Spirit. Humans have fallen for this delusion that we are beautiful if we have a tan. If Jesus Christ was on this earth would he be lying in the sun sunbathing?

High heels such an unnatural thing to put on the feet. The delusion here is that high heels make a woman sexy and beautiful. Such shoes do not help the feet they are not sensible foot wear. So if Mary Mother of Jesus Christ was walking on this earth would she be wearing high heels?

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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