Location location location.

That is the real estate motto.

But what is the motto that we humans are brain washed to believe from the day we are born.

Oh you are a pretty baby. Oh Gloria what a beautiful baby you have. Frank your baby is so handsome. Gloria your baby is so attractive. What lovely skin your baby has.

From the time we are born we are bombarded with judgements about our looks.

Part of the motto that we humans are brain washed to believe is that “looks” are about what we are and are about what we can achieve in this world.

Looks looks looks. This is the human’s motto.

But looks is only half the human motto there is another half to this motto.

Brains brains brains. Brains the other half of the human motto.

Is not Charlie so brainy he will make a good rocket scientist. Fred gets top marks in school he is so brainy. My Heather is so top at school. My Tes got a scholarship to the top school in the state.

So the motto we humans are brain washed with is – Brains and Looks. The more beauty and the more intelligence we have the more better we are.

If we have both beauty and intelligence we are treated like gods. School from the time we start it puts us in a competition about our looks and our intelligence. We compete from the day we are born we compete over looks and brains. Teachers are paid hirelings that verse us humans in this competition. We compete until we die. Teachers train us in competition. We are trained to beat our opponents in brainy pursuits. Sports are about keeping physically fit and is all about competing. Fitness is also about keeping good looking. Keeping fit in our bodies is no crime but when it comes down to just to look good and look better than others then we are motivated by pride. Keeping fit is ok but not at the expense of others. We do not have to show of and boast.

Our parents are brain washed in this “human motto” and they pass this motto on to their children and so on. The parents favour the child that is more beautiful and brainy. Teachers have their pet student’s the ones that are brainy.

So the brainy and beautiful students do well at school. They are treated like royalty by the teachers. The teachers do not have much time for the less intelligent students. We humans attend school because the Government makes it so by law. The Government does not help here. Children are put in to schools for alot of their young life and children have no say to that decision. The teachers and fellow pupils and the teaching curriculum may be so dehumanising but as children we are not heard out. The adults will say we are doing it for your own good. Schools and colleges are places that the intelligent and good looking pupils excel at. The low intelligent and not so good looking students may have night marish experiences with schooling. There are those students that don’t fit in to the motto of humans in school and therefore they do not enjoy the school experience. The students that don’t fit in are picked on by their peers. The peers bully those that don’t fit in. Animals and birds and other creatures of the earth aside from humans also practice picking on the weak. So the good looking and brainy students fit in to the schooling motto and therefore do well and succeed at school. The schooling motto is the human motto mentioned above. We get victims that are preyed upon. The bullies make life miserable for the victims. Teachers seldom help the victims because teachers are all about competition and competition weeds out those that don’t fit in to the human motto. So teachers are about intelligence and good looks.

Why are humans so possessed with good looks and intelligence? Is Jesus Christ all good looking and intelligent. We must say that Jesus is all intelligent. But what is good looking in Jesus? Slim not fat no blemishes on his skin strong physically.

When a male human is looking for a mate it looks first for the most attractive female mate. Brains in a female for a male come second. Beauty comes first. Is our universe beautiful? Our universe may be called beautiful and elegant. God is he a God of beauty. The Mother Nature has beauty. Flowers are beautiful.

So humans are engrossed with beauty and intelligence. With such attributes one can succeed in this world. But not all humans are highly intelligent. God gives intelligence to humans but varies the amount of intelligence per person. We humans are all not of the same intelligence. Some are low intelligence others are average and others have high intelligence. But the ones with low intelligence are these ones God has not blessed. What do teachers think of those students who have low intelligence? Do the teachers think that God has favoured the high intelligent students? So we have an inequality at school and in life in general. Not everyone is equal. Not in beauty and intelligence. School grades a student and they are put in to classes. The class system goes with the students for most of their life. We in a class system are graded according to our intelligence. The students in the top classes are favoured by the hired teachers. Our society is based on a class system and education means wealth or poverty. Education is looked at as freeing us humans from ignorance. Education is about freedom, freedom from been in darkness and going in to the light, leaving the darkness of ignorance. But like everything that humans look to for freedom it is all myth. Education in a secular way does not free us or save us. We need light to help us see and the only light comes from God. Yes there is education from God. God sent his only begotten son to bring us the true light. The hired teachers are not the bringers of true light they bring law and bondage. The hired teachers bring heavy weights for us to carry on our backs. The hired teachers do not help they run when the dogs attack. So is it a myth that true light comes from these so called secular human teachers. Are these teachers beacons of light? God says that the Holy Spirit is our only teacher. Sound simple it is simple it is not meant to be complicated. People want freedom from darkness freedom from bondage freedom from discrimination freedom from ignorance. People try and work to get their freedom. A sign above a concentration camp entrance in Poland during and after the Second World War “Work and you will be free”. The Jews in the camp worked like slaves but working did not free them. Work will not save us work in itself. Education of this universe will not save us. Creation will not save us. Mother earth will not save us. If the Mother does not save then our only hope is with the Father [And his Son] saving us. Is it a world without end or will the world end sometime? God saves only through his begotten son Jesus Christ no other way. Salvation comes from above. I do not believe in reincarnation. I will not becoming back as an insect, animal or a bird or a fly in the next life. To me such talk is all a trick of the Devil. It is nonsense talk.

So want to be free truly free – Go to Jesus Christ. Jesus lives.

The world motto – Everyone one is equal but some are more equal than others.

The human [secular] motto – The human gods are the good looking and intelligent people.

God’s motto – We Christians are all members of his body we treat with more honour those parts of the body that have less glory in this world.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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