The Prophet and the Scientist

[Both Seekers of The Truth]

Hey Roger who’s that?

That is a person.

No I mean who is he?

He’s a religious.

Oh ok.

Hi my name is Lester.

Hi Brian is my name. Roger says that you are a religious.

I like to use another name. I call myself a servant of God.

Are you a prophet.

Why do you ask that?

Oh I have been in this Hospital for yonks and I know the gen.

What do you know about prophets?

Oh they are deep in to their God.

What God?


And what else?

They pray a lot and read the bible. They seem to know things.

What things?

They seem very insightful. They look enlightened.

What do you mean enlightened?

It seems the prophets have revelations from God. They are insightful not just of the church but of God. They see sin for example in the church and see sin in themselves. Prophets are angry at the sin of others but they are also upset at the sin in themselves.

What about this insight?

Their insight can be very strong. Like at times piercing. Like a sharp blade. But to be too insightful can be harmful because the health can be affected.

Who’s health?

The prophets health. Too much of a good thing is not always good. You can look in to a prophets eyes and if they are too insightful they are more angrier and also their eyes look like they are giving off a madness.

Hey that reminds me they call some people in the scientific field mad scientists. We get mad scientists and mad prophets.

Scientists look in to the natural phenomenon and prophets look in to the spiritual phenomenon. They are both seekers of the truth. One looks at the physical and the other at the invisible. We may call the invisible the metaphysical.

So you do understand.

Well I try to. Prophets work in the spiritual field and therefore are not/miss understood by many/most people. The medical fraternity do not understand the workings of a prophet according to their medical text books. Their text books and training speak little about spiritual matters. It’s easier for them to operate on a physical plane of understanding just like what the scientists do. A prophet can rant and rave but can do it to the detriment of others. He or she can offend other’s. People do not like been told of their faults [sins]. Certainly not by a stranger. Even Jesus [a prophet] did not want to offend. For example He paid the temple tax so not to offend others. Here’s God [the Son] paying tax. But Jesus did get angry in the temple. He took a whip and chastised the money lenders and those that sold pigeons in the temple area. John The Baptist another prophet chastised Herod for marrying his [Herod’s] brother’s wife. Here’s another classic prophet [John] at work. And the response of some of the people to John maybe have been; “who do you think you are”? John was not destined for the Psyche Hospital no he was carted of to jail and eventually had his head cut of. Was John a mad prophet, maybe people thought he was. Mad to especially speak against one of the governing rulers of the time. Jesus and John though both been prophets did seem to operate differently with their prophet callings. Jesus had the wisdom that tempered his calling. John was more forceful and strong but lacked the wisdom that Jesus had(s). Jesus was both strong and wise. Jesus practiced his wisdom to the fullest and wisdom means usually not to offend. Even when Jesus was before Pilate the Governor Jesus did not offend. Jesus knew that Pilate was in the authority as it was meant to be. Jesus submitted to that authority. He was also like a lamb going to the slaughter so He said very little at this stage. Jesus knew; He had the spiritual knowledge. Wisdom tempers the prophet’s calling.

So Lester are prophets persecuted like what it says in the bible.

Yes Brian they are. But not really in the physical. As I said a prophets major working is in the spiritual. They are persecuted spiritually. They are persecuted because prophets stand up for God’s will. Most people as I said do not like been told they are wrong and this also goes on in the spiritual realm. We are what we think and prophets usually think like black and white. No grey areas. People do not like to live such rigid lives like the prophet, most people live between black and white in what they call the grey areas. So a prophet’s thoughts can be disturbed alot. Prophets because of their calling need to live very moral lives otherwise they can not be effective in their prophet calling. Prophets have it hard but so do alot of other people. All God’s callings are not easy but a prophet’s calling can be misunderstood more. Why? because prophets operate more in the spiritual and the spiritual is not understood too much.

So Lester are you a prophet.

I give the best answer possible, “I am who I am. I am a creature and servant of God”. A prophet may also be called a ‘seer’. A seer is a person who sees in to the spiritual realm. A prophet can also be called a watchman. A man or woman who stands on duty [for God] and watches. Watches for the attack of the enemy. Watches in the spiritual realm.

Lester are there prophets in Psyche Hospitals and if so why?

Prophets may think they are persecuted [and they are] like as the medical professionals say paranoid. Now this is in the spirit realm or what people might say is in the mind area. Do the medicals understand the mind; not altogether because very few people understand the mind. Did Plato, Socrates, Sigmund Freud or Jung understand the mind; well they thought they knew some things about it. The medicals to be safe pin point psyche/mind to physical phenomenon because they do not understand the minds workings in the spiritual side. Who does? People may claim to know but do they really know. What we may be sure about is that the mind/soul is like what we call a conscience it tells us right from wrong. The mind seems to have an internal science / knowledge that is God given. The mind is about right and wrong; life and death; good and evil. To have a sharp mind is to have a mind sharpened about what is right and wrong. To have a sharp mind means keeping free of what the bible calls sin. Sin seems to take away the sharpness and dulls the mind. Sin gets in the way of the senses and lessens the insight, the hearing, the tasting, the smelling, the feel of touch; we get one dull chappy.

Lester should prophets be in a Psyche Hospital.

Prophets are persecuted and in Hospital the law protects them. There are laws of the land that stand firm made for the people by the people. The law is there to protect even the prophets. Prophets also can be immature and exercise their calling wrongly. Prophets need wisdom of God to temper their calling. Prophets can sin and in their sinning they forfeit the God given insight that is so precious to them. Prophets need the insight without it they are ineffective and the Devil or other spirits may trouble them more. To work without insight for the prophet is like going about blind. Prophets can go abit mad with too much spiritual persecution. They can also get too zealous in the spiritual realm and thus look mad and act abit mad. The medicals use medication to what they might think bring the prophet back to his or her senses. Prophets can be wound up so much that a break in a Psyche Hospital and regular medication can rest up the prophet.

Lester why do you regularly stay at a Catholic Monastery?

That’s my rest in the spiritual realm. My mind is at peace and my heart is at peace. I unwind there. I feel safe there. I am on a retreat.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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One Response to “The Prophet and the Scientist”

  1. Cal Says:

    Discovered the blog by googling up “realms of the prophetic”. Quite interesting. Really loved the post. Wanna be a great prophet with lots of wisdom and insight. Where do I start & how do I go about it? Thanks.

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