Complex and Simplex

Complex is many and is opposite to simplex which is one. Humans make complex whereas God makes simple oneness. Humans are complex because of their sinning. Simplex been one is pure; unadulterated and without any impurities. It is unalloyed so it is of one essence.

Mankind sins. God tries to get us humans back to this oneness of purity. He refines us like as in a furnace but in this case our souls and spirits are refined in His Word. Refining us brings us back to a pure simple thinking. Simple is pureness. Anything out of simple is complex. Complex is idol worship and thinking according to false Gods. Humans are complex because they make themselves that way. God does not make complex humans.

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden began simple. Their simplicity was echoed in their nakedness. God had breathed a soul in to Adam and Eve. They were tricked by Satan in to partaking of the fruit of knowledge thus their souls became aware as God is aware. But did God intend mankind to be aware in their souls as God Himself is aware. No. Take the story in the bible about the potter and the pot. The pot is a pot and remains a pot. It should not think that it is a potter. The pot is a useful instrument to be used by the potter nothing more. So God does not want people to know as He knows but for people simply to obey Him. “Trust and obey there is no other way”. But humans love to get knowledge because they become aware like God and with knowledge comes power and with power comes prestige; status and money. Humans crave all these things and Satan encourages it all. God’s kingdom is not of this world but Satan has kingdoms of this world and such kingdoms are enticing to humans. But humans might argue – why should we not get knowledge for the soul and learn and know as God knows? The answer is back in the Garden of Eden. The answer as I said is that it was not Gods plan that humans know as God knows. The plan was that humans had free will; they were told not to eat of the tree of knowledge; but they chose to eat of that tree. Free will was always there. God warned Adam and Eve that they would die if they ate of the tree of knowledge. The tree of life also was in the Garden of Eden. But after they ate of the tree of knowledge both Adam and Eve were stopped from eating of the tree of life. What was this tree of life? We know it is life we presume this life is eternal life. What is the difference between the tree of life and the tree of knowledge? We know one leads to death and the other to life. We know that the tree of knowledge is knowing what God knows. Why then should knowing what God knows be bad? Because God says so. We are creatures not the creator. It is to Gods glory that He knows all and that we creatures know little. We in the bible are referred to as sheep. A sheep just follows the shepherd and is there at the whim of the shepherd. But just like Satan we humans want more we are greedy to be like and have what somebody else has. We war for what others have. Satan fell from his place in heaven because he wanted to take the place of God. Satan got proud and many angels joined him. Satan fought God and lost. Satan and his angels were kicked out of heaven and remain in this world until they are cast into hell. So Adam and Eve saw a situation where they could be like God and they took it. Knowing as God knows means they would not need God and that they would be equal to God. We humans have not changed. We continue to want to know as God knows. We do not want to be simply sheep baaaing to the shepherd and saying yes sir no sir. We want to be in charge and write our own destinies. We do not want God. There is the saying – “pride comes before a fall”. So true and we see this not just in the case of Satan’s fall but in mankind’s fall. Mankind fell by eating of the tree of knowledge and becoming like God. Mankind is now aware like God so with this awareness he will try and do everything that God has done. He will try and create life. He will even try and create humans. He will even try and travel at the speed of light. What is scientific fiction today is tomorrow’s scientific nonfiction. Maybe Man will try and put creation on other planets. Will man make water? With mankind’s awareness everything is possible. It might be thousands of years down the road for some things to happen but they will happen unless mankind is obliterated – the war of wars; the big Armageddon. When does this big war start? No one knows it might be way long in the future so back to complex.

Humans are known to have this complex and that complex. A complex is a negative way of thinking for example an inferior complex. Complexes rob humans of their dignity and worth in God. With losing our connection to God we lose our worth as a human creature under the God Head. We may start to lose our sanity. Sanity is about good sanitation. Sanitation is about keeping the waste out. A sane mind keeps the bad thinking out. To be sane in mind is to be sane in body. Both are connected our minds keeping the waste out; our bodies keeping the waste out; “mind over matter”.

So did God make us humans in the first place simple or did God make us complex? Another question why would God make us human’s complex? To me complex is all a delusion of us humans. Complex is like been in the dark. But we humans are aware – how then can we be in the dark? We are in the dark because we are in spiritual darkness. We humans have a spirit. We humans are spirit and spirit is the source of light. As soon as Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of knowledge their spirits were darkened. We can through Jesus Christ return back to spiritual light. We can return back to been in the flock of God. We can return back to – “trust and obey”. We can return back to not trying to be God but letting God be God and us creatures been creatures. We do not need to create life as God has done. We can return to the fold and partake of the simple food of God and live in love and dignity. We can live as Jesus wants us to live and give up our pride in wanting to be like God. To lose connection with the Spirit in God the creator is a form of insanity. Mankind also needs to relish in God made creation – smell the flowers; touch the soil; eat natural foods; drink plain water; and so on.

So complex leads to death and simplex leads to life. Complex is man made and simplex is God made. To hate God is to love death. God gives us a free will. We humans can make choices. Basically the simple choice comes down to choosing between two trees and their fruit. We need food for thought. We humans are thinking creatures. We need to feed our souls. We need to know the difference between the tree of life and the tree of knowledge.


I mention the posibility of mankind doing what science fiction films may dream up. Alas like any mortal human I can not forsee the future. People may claim to know but there is knowing and there is knowing. Knowing can be just speculative and based on faulty reasoning. Science uses reason and religion also uses reason. God is a God of reason. We humans are not here by chance God has a reason for our human existence. God made all his creation for a reason. Our human make up is all based on reason. God is a thinker He is Word and thinks with Words He reasons with Words. He is the Word.

We can understand God by understanding the psyche [soul] [mind] of human beings. God is Spirit and God Spirit does feed our human souls with tit bits of information. The thinking discerning enlightened human beings are the ones to watch out for. They are the ones that may be able to perceive the future. How? God uses them. But watch out for wolves in sheeps clothing. There are the wolves who preach lies and misinformation. On the outside they look all wise and intelligent and their writings and speech look all clever. They write many books and they are interviewed on television. When one is faced with the thinking in these charlatans hearts one gets alot of  messy deep swampy dirty perverted sticky doughy filth. And golly you just want it to go away. Theres no life there. When such deep dirt leaves you it is such a relief.

What I am saying is that on the one hand we have these clever wolves in sheeps clothing saying there is no God and then you get the end timers preaching the end is near. We need to look at what creation is looking like. Is creation looking like it is at the end or near the end? Is it all grown up? Scary stuff to talk about because the end times is that the end of the world as it is known to us. What do I think? I think God the Father will prepare the psyche of mankind for the end. It will be like as a person is dying of old age this person just accepts the death. The bible does say Jesus will come like a thief in the night we will not know when he will come. But God will prepare his chosen he does not neglect them. The chosen will not know the end time but they will be prepared in subtlety.  

Would I like the world to end? I just want to go to heaven. When my time comes I will be happy to leave this world. I believe in heaven and I am believing that I will go to heaven.  I believe in the ultimate triumph of good over all evil I am an optimist.

Do I believe that the end is near? I do not deny that I would like the end time to be in my time but in my time when I am very old.

Do I know when the end time is? No I do not.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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