The One Living Tree

We have a tree a living tree a tree of the living God.

Where’s this tree?

It’s out there and right here.

I can not see it.

It’s a tree understood in our minds.

So it’s not a real tree.

It’s a real tree but it’s a metaphor tree.

But that’s not a real tree.

True it’s not a tree of the physical but a tree metaphorically thought out. But it is still a tree and it’s real to me.

Can I touch this tree?

You can not touch it but you can sense it from your insight.

Is insight a sense?

It’s a spiritual sense for spirit so it is a sense in that regard.

What spirit has this insight?

God’s Spirit has the ultimate insight but we in the Church also have insight within our human spirit.

We have a human spirit?

Yes we do. This human spirit of ours yokes [Yokes here is a metaphor] itself to the Holy Spirit [God’s Spirit]. The Holy Spirit is our ultimate teacher. Our human spirit is like a light. We are bright according to how much light we have in human spirit. God is the ultimate light.

Ok so we have a sense of this living tree you speak about.

Well I do and I want you also to share in this sense.

Ok tell me more.

Tell me what part of the tree is strongest?

Uuuum you mean this tree you talk about.

Any tree.

The trunk.

Exactly now tell me the part of the tree that is the weakest.

The twigs.

Yes yes yes. Spot on. Now who are the fringe churches in this world?

Fringe what do you mean?

Ok the fringe is on the outer side. The outer side of a tree are the twigs and fruit.

I do not follow.

Ok what denomination Christian church is the biggest?


Yes yes good. What part of the tree is the biggest?



So the Catholic Church is metaphorically the trunk. But who are the fringe Churches?

Let me put it this way who are the newer churches?

Uuuum new?

Churches that are say not old like the traditional churches. 

Oh do you mean the Pentecostal churches?

Yes yes yes right on.

But who are the branches of the tree?

Think who could they be?

Churches like Baptist ummm all the mainline Protestant Churches.

Yes. Protestant churches branched off the Catholic Church. The branches branch off the tree trunk. The Pentecostal churches, the twigs metaphorically, twig of the branches.

What about the fruit of the tree?

What about it?

The fruit grows off the twigs.


The trunk does not have the fruit.

The trunk been the Catholics do not have the fruit, true. The Pentecostals have the fruit.

What is the fruit metaphorically?

The fruit is the fruit of the Spirit of God.

But the Catholics do not have the fruit.

True but the Catholics have the strength. A trunk of a tree is strong much stronger than the twigs or the branches. The branches are stronger than the twigs.

The Catholics do not have the leaves.

Yes true the Pentecostals have the leaves. What do you think the leaves mean?

Leaves are for healing.

Yes yes yes.

But is the tree still growing?

Yes it is. Once the tree finishes growing the tree is all grown up.

What happens to it then?

God knows.

But when the tree is all mature has not God finished saving souls in this world.

Sounds right.  

Why are the mainline churches not sending out many missionaries like they did in the past?

It means that the tree is maturing and adding souls is now mainly in the Pentecostals domain. The twigs are growing and more twigs are added regularly. A tree needs alot of twigs to be mature. The trunk still grows but at a smaller pace than it did when it was a young tree. The trunk was in to evangelical pursuits in its youth but now that it is more mature it gives over evangelical pursuits to the twigs and to some of the branches. Branches are still growing but they are slowing down in growth. 

You mean the salvation of the world is nearing its end?

Hey I do not know that. 

But the tree you talk about.

It’s all metaphorically. Even Jesus the all wise Son of God says He does not know when He is returning to this earth. 

Who knows when Jesus is returning?

Only the Father God knows that answer.   

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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