Naughty but Nice

Darling what are you up to this evening; is it one of your marketing shows.

Yes Gloria. I have a show on tonight at the Hyatt.

George you sure choose the ritziest of venues.

I have to put on a good front so that the clients will believe me.

George is it not time you gave up on these shows. Do you not have a conscience?

Gloria I put the food on our plates. I clothe you in the best outfits. Then there are the expensive cars we have and the overseas holidays.

But George can you not get a normal job.

Ha so I am not normal now. Speak for yourself and your pyramid selling schemes.

I do it for the money George like you. Oh well ‘birds of a feather fly together’. George what is your strategy at the shows?

It is very simple to begin with the client’s love and desire money. From then on it is easy for me. I just tap in to their desire for money. It is like leading a horse to water. I give them a pep talk all about how they can make millions of dollars and I walk out of the room with their money and they walk out without their money.

So George is your book still selling?

Not just the book Gloria but the videos; the cds and the tapes.

You are wicked George.

Look Gloria it is there own fault. First they should not idolise money. I just make it harder on them. I am like good punishing evil. They might even change their ways if I rip them off enough.

From tonight’s show I should get about $800; that’s an estimate going on last nights takings.

When are we going to holiday in the Bahamas again George? I like it there.

Once we finish up in this city it will be the Bahamas I promise.

We are naughty [But nice].

 Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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