The Mother – should she wear the pants in the family [church or home]

In regard to woman pastors in the church the church might be going in a circle. I say this in relation to the Roman Catholic Church. I meant that “In the beginning was the Catholic Church” ha ha ha no; “In the beginning was the Word”. What I am trying to say was that the Protestant churches originally broke away from the Roman Catholic Church. Luther our good man was a Catholic priest. Our Protestancy stems from Catholicism. I mentioned that the church looks like it is going in a circle. Now the circle is an age old wise symbol. Circles are a symbol of wisdom. A circle can say alot that words can not. It is like us humans we come from the soil – dust and we return to the soil – dust. We return to the beginning. Like as in a circle. Now the Roman Catholics still reign strong. They are the largest Christian denomination in the world. People even speak about the Pope as been shepherd number 1. Now I do not assume to understand about all the Roman Catholic doctrines.

The circle: I have implied that we in our Protestancy will again accept the Catholic way. May be alot of waffle from my part but it could have some substance.  

Woman pastors – I have my thoughts on this issue. I have read the bible and am familiar with the New Testament teaching on woman and their place in the church. Jesus says he is the head of the Church as the husband in head of the wife. This saying in the bible is implied as a mystery. Is God a woman? Jesus certainly is a male. Is a woman in the God Head? Does a woman have a place in the Trinity? Should Mother Mary also be in the Trinity? Like Father Mother Son and HS. No one has accepted yet Mary in to the trinity. The Trinity is the God Head. Jesus is the Head of the body. Should we make a woman the Head of the body? The Head has the mind. We in accepting the Head of Jesus Christ accept the mind of Jesus Christ. Do we want a female mind ruling our bodies? The man gives the seed to the woman. The woman mother earth gives a place for the seed to grow. The seed grows up towards the Father. The Mother does not give the seed. We worship the Father. So the woman accepts the headship of the male the male father and the male son. The son grows up to be like the father. The father and son are the same but 2 persons. Daughters are also the seed of the father and grow up towards the father. To turn away from the father is to pervert ourselves. Pervert means a turning away. A seed is planted in the soil mother earth it grows upwards to the sky. We are spirit. A human spirit we are called. We come from the Father we go back to the Father. Does the Mother give us the human spirit? We grow in spirit nestled in the Mother but we look to the Father. A human spirit turning away from the Father may worship the Mother. Worship mother earth worship Mother Nature worship creation rather than the creator. Does the Mother create or does the Father create. I think that the Father creates not the Mother. Who came first? The Mother or the Father or did both appear at the same time. Then the question – did the Father create the Mother. Out of my depth here.

The boy growing up in the family home must in his young life wean himself off the mother. He must look to the father. He needs to wean himself off the mother if he wants to spiritually mature properly. We are definitely humans in flesh as well as in spirit. Spirit moulds the soul. If the boy forsakes the father to remain just with the mother he may more than likely have an identity crisis. His sexuality development may be much affected. Sometimes boys can be called mummy boys because they keep with their mothers. The mother also has a responsibility to give up the boy to the father after the boy has managed to walk. Mothers have an input in to the boy but the leadership should come from the father. The saying “She wears the pants in the family”. Some mothers rule the family whereas in God’s will the father should be the leader in the family. Children need healthy father guidance as well as motherly nutrition. Both father and mother play important jobs in raising children. Mothers make the home where children nestle in. Fathers protect and lead. 

What about the female children members of the family. Do daughters also nestle in the mother and grow towards the father.

Do the daughters come under the mind of the father? Does the fathers conscience rule the daughter as it does the mother and son. The father’s conscience is a mind of Jesus Christ so does a mind of the Lord that is a male mind rule a females mind. Mind is the thinking so does males thinking rule female thinking. Is male thinking different from female thinking? What if female minds rule the male minds? Say as in a family where the mother rules and is boss, is the thinking of the children and the husband corrupted.

Where there is a mind of a woman ruling does this cause a perversion to come upon male thinking.

We come back to the issue “Should females be allowed to be pastors in Christian churches”. A pastor is a leader and a person who has responsibility for the souls of the congregation. We think in mind and mind is part of soul. In soul we think and feel. Now a woman pastor can be like a family where the mother rules. The father and children submit to the mother. In other words the mother wears the pants. In the Catholic domain the priests are called father. The Catholics uphold scripture where the male rules the female. If the Catholics allowed female priests then such priests won’t be called father but obviously mother. Mother priest.

We grow in the mother earth. We are grounded in the mother earth. We are grounded in the mother church. But we grow towards the father. Is this also for daughters? Now I do not presume to know how girls and women think and feel. I am male. But I do know that the seed for the daughter comes from the father as it does for the son. Seed may be also likened to spiritual seed. We are spirit – does our human spirit come from the father or the mother. You say God. God also works through people. God is within.  

P.S. The church is a spiritual family.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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