The Reality of Relativity [Up grade from a Theory]

Einstein; who is he?

But you have stolen his words.

Hey who has a monopoly on words?

Words are free to use by anyone anytime anywhere. And who is this Einstein?

He’s great.

Can I meet him?

No he’s dead.

So leave the dead in peace; let’s get on with the reality [Not theory] of relativity. Everything is relative.

Each atom in my body is relative to every other atom in my body as they are all relative to every other atom in the universe. Atoms are particles that make up bigger particles and so on thus making up the universe. We are one and we are all. My relatives are my neighbours. My neighbours are my relatives. We are of the one original big beginning. Our lineage of ancestry starts in our time at the twigs and goes back via the branches to the trunk and then down to the roots. We as families in this world have our family branch but we all originated from the single seed. The seed made the tree of life that we are part off. But according to the bible there is a wild tree and there is a cultivated tree. That makes two trees. One tree is the tree of life and is of God and one tree is wild and is destroyed eventually. The cultivated tree is raised up to eternal life and is taken up to heaven. So how can we all be relative when there are two trees; one wild and one cultivated? Satan obviously is the seed for the wild tree. But we of the cultivated tree are not related to Satan are we. No we are not but we are indirectly related to Satan. How can we be related to Satan? Easy; God made Satan. God made us. So we all are related to God the Father. Satan is like the wayward child that never comes home. He is known as the fallen angel. He fell in doing wrong and he fell down from heaven never to rise up to heaven again. We as humans have a choice. We can choose to follow good or bad. The wise follow God and the fools follow Satan. Sometimes the fools do not know who they are following because they have darkened minds and are living in a life of deceit. In other words the fools can not see so the devil can manipulate them at will. So in God we are all related. God’s seed began it all. All creation has its beginning in God.

Take an atom of the simplest kind. This is the hydrogen atom – one proton; one electron. The atom has a positive and a negative. The negative is related to the positive. God is a positive God; Satan is a negative angel [just theory and conjecture]. But it makes sense that in all creation that there is negative and there is positive. Negative to me is bad. Does that make God a negative God if he created negativism? Maybe God in His wisdom has a dark [negative] side to Him; that is daunting to the human mind. God maybe is playing the good forces against the evil forces like as in a game that He plays from His mind. Like as in a chess game. Does God let His Son Jesus be the commander in chief of the good side? God the Father may let the game play out over time but He God has the over riding authority.

But we are all related; are we not.

P.S. For me to speculate that God may also be bad is just naive of me so please do not think down this path too much. God is known as a God of light there is no darkness in Him. To be all light is to be all good. When God created in the beginning He emitted awesome powerful energy full of light. But what was there before the light. There must have been darkness. God brought His light in to the darkness. Was there also chaos and disorder in the darkness at the beginning? God brought light and order and made a universe. What I can not understand is that there must have been a dark space in the beginning and how did this dark space come about?

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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