The New Theory of Relativity

Theory: an assumption based on limited information or knowledge; a conjecture.

Conjecture: inference or judgment based on inconclusive or incomplete evidence; guesswork.

Theory: theoros: “spectator,” from thea “a view” + horan “to see.

Relativity: condition of being relative.

Relative: Meaning “person in the same family”.

Albert Einstein came up with the “Theory of Relativity”.

As we see from the writings above theory is based more on guess work than fact.

We assume every thing starts from simple beginnings. Einstein came up with a mathematical formula of his theory.

This formula is an equation: E = M C Square. This equation is the simplest form of his theory.

To understand Einstein’s equation we need a structure of frame work to work inside. With out a frame work we are like as it is “up with the fairies”. We need to be anchored and the anchor is a frame that is able to hold our understanding in. Our anchor is our belief in a creator God. We have the many scriptures of the bible to keep our minds in their right mind without hopefully been deluded and fall under deception. God’s Word keeps our minds on track.

We have E = M C Square.

E = energy.

M = mass.

C = speed of light square.

E = God.

God = E. Energy equals God. God equals energy.

God is energy. God used His energy to create the universe.

God is on both sides of the equation.

One side is Him the creator and on the other side is the creation.

God owns the creation; this creation is the universe. God used His energy to create the universe [creation] so God is in creation with His energy.

E = M C Square is at its simplest so because it is a simple equation then this equation equates to the beginning of the universe. All things begin simple.

God is E [energy] and He equals M [mass] times speed of Light Square. So God is relative to both sides. God relates to creation the universe. The universe is relative to God the creator. We are all one family. God is M [mass] and God is light. God moves at the speed of light. God created the mass of the universe with His energy. God’s energy was converted in to mass and light. The universe we are told is expanding but we are also told that this expansion is slowing down. The “big bang theory” [again theory] to me has relevance. This theory says that the universe began as a “big bang” from one point. That makes sense to me. We have on one side of Einstein’s equation mass times light square and this can only mean that the universe is expanding at the speed of light square [This is conjecture as the universe’s expansion is now proven to be slowing down]. Also Holy Scripture often mentions that God is light. As mentioned previously I reiterate that we assume God travels at the speed of light – that makes sense to me. So this energy of God’s relates to light and mass. We know that the sun is an example of God’s energy plainly seen by us humans. Solar [sun] energy may be the energy of all energy’s known by “mankind”. “Man” may harness the suns energy more in the future. It is energy there for our use.

God we are told in the bible is eternal. But is the universe eternal. Scientists say that the universe is slowing down in its expansion. The universe is slowing down does that mean the universe is running out of energy? When God created the universe in the “big bang” did He God give all His energy in to the creation? We can compare God to a sun [star] but God is equal to all the suns in the universe. A sun eventually dies out over many years. It may take millions of years to die but suns still die out. God on the other hand may be able to reproduce / regenerate His energy and unlike a sun He may be able to live for eternity. So if the universe is slowing down in expansion then we assume that eventually the universe will also eventually die out. We need energy and for the universe to sustain itself it needs energy. I think of a rubber band been stretched out over time until it can not stretch out any more and the band then at it’s outer stretched limit snaps and it becomes lifeless. The universe may also in the future snap. Like a sun that dies; it implodes; dying out.

So the theory of relativity is about God’s energy and how His energy is converted into mass and light. We see an equation that has two sides each side relative to the other so that one side equals the other side. Both sides have equal energy. But for both sides to be equal then either creation [universe] dies out and God dies out or both sides are eternal. The equation has to be equal on both sides and therefore does not make sense of this eternal thing. God we are told from the bible is eternal. Maybe God in creating at the beginning put all His energy in to the creating then as the bible says He rested. So in this state of rest God may have regenerated his energy.

Another line of thought: If the universe is declining in energy and if it dies out will God create another universe. Will there be a new heaven and earth. The bible in places mentions about a new heaven and new earth. But does this apply to having another universe.

To summarize we go back to the basics of understanding something close to our hearts and that the layperson can understand. The new theory of relativity is a theory no longer it is a reality. It is a reality based on real relativity. God we know from the bible is all about relativity. Relativity to a layperson is about family. God is about family; we are His family. We are related to God because He created us. Everything in the universe is relative to everything else. We all come from the one cosmic egg [What came first the chicken or the egg? I say another story for another time].

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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