The 6 Senses Used Within Commonsense

As I was saying we have 5 senses. Rogers I saw that. Give me that note.

Sorry sir.

For punishment you can read the note to the whole class.

But sir.

But sir what. Read the note.

But sir.

Read the note!

A man speaks to his doctor after an operation. He says, “Doc, now that the surgery is done, will I be able to play the piano?” The doctor replies, “Of course!” The man says, “Good, because I couldn’t before”.

[Whole class laughs]

That was funny Rogers.

Thank you sir.

You do have a sense of humour.

Sir does that mean that I have 6 senses.

What do you mean?

Sir you said before that there were 5 senses; seeing; hearing; tasting; smelling and touch; now you say I have a sense of humour. That makes 6 senses.

Yes I did say that there were 5 senses. Now I must consider that there are 6 senses.

Sir sir.

Yes Davidson.

My Grandfather has a sense of humour. Grandad says witty jokes all the time.

Speaking about wit I see a correlation between wit and good sense.

What’s the connection sir?

To be witty is to be bright. And we say that to have ones wits about oneself one is wise.

Sir sir.

Yes Simpson.

The barn owl sir.

What has a barn owl got to do with wit?

The barn owl calls out “to wit to woo”. Aside from that sir because the owls call has no bearing on wit but the owl is known as a wise owl.

True Simpson but why is it wise?

The owl has big eyes that can see its prey in the dark. The owl is known to be wise because of its good sight.

Yes Simpson the owl is known to be wise and wisdom is known to be affiliated with good sight. In our case as humans wisdom is also having good insight. So sight is very important as a sense.  We can say that wisdom is making use of all our senses. The more sense we use and have the more wise we are.

Sir sir.

Yes Hunter.

Sir I also think we humans have 6 senses.

And; Hunter.

And I also think that the sense of humour is encompassed by commonsense.

How does commonsense come in to this?

Sir commonsense is the over riding umbrella sense. Commonsense is the 6 senses used together at the same time. Also the word common is used because the senses are all common to everyone else. Commonsense is not an extra sense but is all the senses combined. Sir when all our senses are all operating at their peakness commonsense comes in to play. Commonsense depends on how much we use the 6 senses. Humour seems to be a sense but it might be an emotional sense.

Also sir sin can cloud out our senses. Sin is like dirt and it gets in the way of us sensing.

That finishes this class. Keep up the commonsense and sin less and you will be wise. Have a good weekend. Class dismissed.

 Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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