Children at School

All stand.

Sit down now class.

Satan I said sit! Stop standing sit boy!

[Satan mumbles to himself- this teacher treats me like a dog]

Who knows where we are up to?

Yes Rogers.

Vocations Sir.

Right. Let’s see; who wants to go first?

I do teacher.

Ok Satan; go for it.

I want to be a rock musician.

Why be a rock musician Satan?

I can make heaps of money and people will listen to me.

Ok who wants to go next?

Yes Jesus; what do you want to be?

I want to be a preacher; Sir.

Wise choice Jesus.

Yes Peter; you have your hand up.

I want to be a fisherman; Sir.

I have a surprise for you soon class. The benefactor of our school is coming to see you all.

There he is. Welcome, come in Sir, meet the class. All stand to welcome God.

Morning class. You may sit.

Sit Satan. Sit boy. Stop standing.

[Satan mumbles – The teacher treats me like a dog]

I see my Son over there.

Yes your Son has been a model pupil.

Can I have a look at some of the work the students have done.

Class all get out your latest art work.

Where shall I start?

Start with this lad. This is Satan.

This is my latest; it’s called ‘party in the dark’.

A lot of dark colours; why not use more bright lighter colours?

 I hate lighter colours Sir.

Why is that?

Because I think better in the dark.

Do not mind him Sir he just has a warped sense of humour.

Come and look at your Sons picture.

Hello Dad.

Hi Son.

That’s better more light in the picture. What title have you given this art work?

Dad I have called it ‘the universe’.

Nice caption. Keep up the good work.

Peter; show Sir your picture.

Oh fishermen; I like that too.

One more and I must go. 

Luke’s my name Sir I want to be a physician but I might be a fisherman like Peter because I like fish.

That is a nice picture of fishermen Luke. Well done. There’s plenty of fish in the sea and we need plenty of fishermen.

What does Sir mean?

You will find out later. Now bye class.

All stand. Satan stand boy!

[Satan mumbles to himself – the teacher treats me like a fool] 

[All the class together] Bye Sir.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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