Rank and File – it’s all in the Game [in the ole days]

Sir I can not get through.

Give it to me. Hello! Hello! Colonel are you there; come in! Get up there take the aerial wire with you.

But sir I can get shot up there.

Get up there and that’s an order.

But sir.

No buts; up there.

Come in colonel; colonel come in! Move out further. Are you there doubles? Out further muzza.

But sir that is no mans land.

No mans land, piff; are you a man or a mouse.

Man sir.

Well move out further.

[Bullets start coming close]

Sir they are firing at me.

Doubles come in. We are under attack and we need reinforcements. Colonel!! He is not answering; come back down muzza we will try later. I smell tea; the billy must be on; you stay and keep trying I am off for a cuppa.

[The major retires to the bunker]

Colonel come in. We need help. Colonel are you there.

Hello someone wanting me.

Yes sir.

How are things at the front?

We are under attack we need reinforcements.

Well I am on the golf course at the moment a few more tee’s and then a shower and then a bite to eat and I will see about reinforcements for you.

We need help now sir.

Is that you muzza.

Yes colonel.

Oh muzza Murray how are you ole boy?

Not too good at the moment.

Call me doubles it will be like old times.

Doubles is there any chance that you could complete your tee’s abit faster.

Got to go the general is teeing off and I want to watch how he goes.

But doubles we are under attack.

Got to go catch you later.

[Shells land nearby] [The major resurfaces]

Wow that was close. Well private did you get through.

Yes I did sir. The colonel will get right on to it. That’s after his golf game and his shower and his bite to eat.

That’s old doubles for you he never changes. Private did you not know doubles in his younger days.

Yes I did sir. But he’s changed a lot to me.

Well that comes with rank.

Yes sir.

What’s that book in your back pocket?

That sir is a bible.

You had better go in the bunker and get some food.

Yes sir.

[In the bunker muzza Murray eats his food and reads the bible. He reads especially the part where Jesus does not respect any form of status. Muzza thinks that rank is maybe status. Muzza fumes at the notion that doubles is in to rank and status; {night comes and muzza goes of to sleep}; muzza thinks – ‘like anything in life we can sleep on it and hopefully everything will be right in the morning’]

[Morning comes. News comes down the wire that doubles has been court marshaled and reduced in rank to a corporal. Apparently the only sin he did was beating the general at golf. Some things continue to amaze us].

[Reinforcements arrive in the morning]

Hi muzza.

Hi doubles.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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