All stand please.

Sit now.

I see the teacher Mr Ramsbottom took you for this class last time. Now where are we up to?

Smithers you answer that question.

Sir I do not know.

Why not Smithers?

I have not be following the teaching.

And why not Smithers?

Sir I find it boring.

Well Smithers I will just have to keep you interested. Education only becomes boring where the student sees no application to the teaching. The student has a goal of learning to apply it later. No application; no production; leads to neutral. The car is in idle and not achieving. Knowledge for knowledge sake is like a puffy cream cake with lots of puff and no huff. We are here to produce and give growth to us and society. Good wisdom is applied knowledge and that makes for a better society. We are here to mature.

I see from Mr Ramsbottoms notes that you are up to “aid to undeveloped countries”.

Who knows a very poor country that has vast mineral assets? Claire you answer that one.

Democratic Republic of the Congo Sir.

That is correct. A lot of poor nations are poor because of mismanagement. Mismanagement in this case is usually corruption. The president of a poor nation may live in a luxurious palace with many servants. He may use his nations peoples money as his personal bank account. The country will always be poor until mismanagement is done away with. We as richer nations can not continue to feed rich corrupt dictators and their officials.

No homework tonight. You look pleased to hear that Stuart.

Yes teacher. All our other teachers load us up daily with lots of homework. I have to take a lot of my big text books home with me each night. It is like carrying a big pack full of big rocks.

Home everyone.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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